50 Cent Reportedly Developing Documentary About Diddy Amid Se*ual Ass*ult Allegations | WhatsOnRap

50 CENT Announces He Is Currently Preparing a Documentary On All The Accusations Against Diddy

50 Cent's Documentary Unveils Diddy's Controversial Past
50 Cent's production company, G-Unit Films, and Television is reportedly in the development stages of creating a documentary about Diddy, focusing on the controversies and allegations surrounding the Bad Boy Records founder. 
Although the documentary is yet to be officially announced, 50 Cent, known for successful television projects, hinted at his involvement and tweeted about being "the best producer for the job."

The ongoing feud between 50 Cent and Diddy, stemming from the mid-2000s, adds intrigue to the potential documentary, which could explore Diddy's troubled past, including se*ual ass*ult allegations. 

The project marks another significant move for 50 Cent in the realm of television production, building on his successes with the Power franchise and other ventures. Stay tuned for more updates on this anticipated documentary delving into the controversies surrounding Diddy's career and personal life.

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