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6ix9ine's Ex-Girlfriend Arrested for Assa*lting Him, Getting Physical and Damaging His Car

Tekashi 6ix9ine's Girlfriend Arrested: Assa*lt, Threats, and Damages Unfold in Disturbing Videos, Sparking Legal Consequences.
In the latest twist of events, Yailin La Más Viral, the girlfriend of 6ix9ine, has found herself in legal complications following an incident where she allegedly assa*lted and threatened the controversial rapper, a narrative that unfolded through impactful videos.

As detailed by TMZ, a domestic dispute transpired between the rapper and Tekashi 6ix9ine at his Florida residence on Thursday, December 14. Law enforcement swiftly responded to a distress call, reporting a physical altercation. The police report outlined Yailin La Más Viral's involvement in the altercation, with videos from Tekashi 6ix9ine's Instagram Stories showcasing her physically engaging with him and, notably, causing damage to his Bentley using what appears to be a 2x4.

During discussions with law enforcement, 6ix9ine provided a comprehensive account of a day-long argument that eventually escalated into a physical confrontation. Allegations included Yailin damaging his Bentley by kicking the side view mirror and shattering the windshield with a ground stake. 

Video evidence, including a clip where she pulled on his hair, was presented to the officers. Consequently, Yailin was taken into custody, facing charges of aggravated battery, witness tampering, and felony criminal mischief. The root cause of her frustration allegedly stemmed from 6ix9ine's refusal to return her passport and money.

A separate video circulating on social media depicted Yailin threatening 6ix9ine with a kn*fe. In response to accusations of physical abuse against him, 6ix9ine released these videos, emphasizing Yailin's need for help. In an Instagram Live session, conducted in Spanish, he staunchly defended himself, stating, "Yailin is not well, she needs help," he said in Spanish during an Instagram Live. "Yailin was loved, she was cared for. I'm on probation, I would never lay my hands on a woman. I'm not here to create gossip, I'm here to clear my name and ask that this matter be dealt with responsibly."

This incident adds another layer to 6ix9ine's recent legal troubles. In October, he faced arrest in the Dominican Republic, accused of assa*lting two producers amid a dispute related to his relationship with Yailin. Criminal lawyer Felix Portes noted that authorities apprehended him as he attempted to board a private plane destined for the United States. The ongoing events underscore a complex and tumultuous chapter in the rapper's personal life.

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