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Cardi B Denies Face Photoshop Amid Lil' Kim Comparisons After Balenciaga Fashion Show Viral Photos

Cardi B Addresses Viral Lil' Kim Comparisons, Denies Photo Manipulation After Balenciaga Fashion Show Controversy
Cardi B found herself at the center of an online storm when a viral photo from the Balenciaga Fashion Show sparked comparisons between her facial features and those of the iconic Lil' Kim. Taking matters into her own hands, Cardi B refuted the claims, asserting that her face had been manipulated in the said image.
The Bronx rapper promptly took to X, on Sunday (Dec. 3) to set the record straight. In the photo capturing her strutting down the runway in a striking long blue fur coat, Cardi B's facial features became a point of discussion. Notably, her nose appeared compressed, leading fans to draw comparisons to Lil' Kim's distinct facial characteristics.

However, Cardi B was quick to dismiss the speculation, alleging that her face had been digitally altered. This incident marks a recurring pattern in Cardi's online presence, where her likeness has been subject to manipulation and comparison. The Grammy Award-winning artist is no stranger to such occurrences, with her image being digitally modified on social media platforms in the past.

Interestingly, this incident follows closely on the heels of another unauthorized use of Cardi B's persona. In the previous month, a fan brought to the artist's attention an advertisement by USA Wellness Wave. The ad not only promoted a stimulus payment program but also utilized artificial intelligence to replicate Cardi's voice for endorsing the program. 

Unsurprisingly, Cardi expressed her dissatisfaction with the unauthorized use of her image and anticipated a significant legal intervention, foreseeing a substantial financial repercussion for the offending company.

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