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Cardi B goes off on Offset

Cardi B Blasts Offset on Social Media Amid Breakup Drama

Cardi B recently took to social media to express her frustrations and disappointment with her estranged husband Offset following their separation. In a series of candid posts on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram Live, the rapper didn't hold back as she aired her grievances.

In her initial tweet, Cardi didn't mince words, addressing Offset directly: "@OffsetYRN you a b-tch ass n-kkaa …and trust me imma f-ckin take it there!" She followed up with another post, shedding light on the challenges of facing criticism during vulnerable moments and warning that tables can turn.

 Taking to Instagram Live, Cardi delved deeper into her feelings, accusing Offset of treating her poorly and emphasizing the lack of gratitude for her support. She expressed frustration about playing games, especially when she's in a vulnerable state. Despite her reluctance to engage in public drama, she felt compelled to speak out.

Cardi highlighted the complexity of her emotions, mentioning how Offset's recent behavior contrasted with her efforts to spare him public scrutiny. She spoke candidly about feeling taken for granted, sharing, "I’ve really been sparing you. You’ve been f*cking feeling yourself because of your album and sh*t and you’ve really been doing me dirty after so many f*cking years that I helped your ass, not even a f*cking thank you that I got."

The rapper addressed the challenges of communicating with Offset directly, prompting her to resort to public platforms to convey her feelings. She expressed weariness and frustration with the situation, stating, "I’m so tired of it! I’m so f*cking tired of this [expletives]!"

WATCH: Cardi B goes off on Offset on Instagram Live after calling him out on X

While the exact cause of their separation remains unclear, recent allegations involving Offset and Chrisean Rock have added strain to their relationship. Despite Cardi expressing uncertainty about the truth of these claims, she acknowledged them as a sign to move forward. In an Instagram Live session, she mentioned being single for a while and alluded to subtle hints in her social media activity that hinted at a significant change.

As of now, Offset has yet to address Cardi's public statements about their breakup, leaving the situation with an air of uncertainty.

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