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DJ Akademiks Reveals His Ex-Girlfriend Stole $500K From Him

DJ Akademiks Shocks Fans with Allegations of Ex-Partner Stealing $500K in Cash

DJ Akademiks found himself in the spotlight as he revealed shocking details about his ex-partner allegedly stealing $500,000 in cash from his home prior to their breakup. Speaking on his "Off The Record" podcast, Akademiks shared instances when his ex-partner delved into his emails, seeking "leverage" during their relationship.

In a candid admission, he stated, "This is where you all would call me a simp, and I am going to take it. There was a time — I don’t anymore — but there was a time when I had a million dollars cash in my crib. Do you know this b**ch stole half a million dollars from me, cash?" Emphasizing the gravity of the situation, he continued, "Bro, I had money in different safes just sitting there. I gamble, so when I gamble, I pick the money up in cash. I am not counting it every day."

The revelation came to light when Akademiks decided to test a new money counter. Recounting the discovery, he explained, "One day, I said, let me try out my new money counter. You know I like counting my money and wrapping the bands around them s**ts. If you do not like that, I am sorry. When I was counting, I thought I should have at least $950,000, $900,000, but I only had $400,000."

This revelation comes amidst Akademiks facing criticism for his public conflicts with prominent female rappers such as GloRilla and Yung Miami. Additionally, in an interview with Lil Yachty, the "Broccoli" rapper suggested that Akademiks, despite his tough talk, would not fare well against his new adversary Saucy Santana.

In a recent exchange, Yachty suggested, "I think he could beat you… He's not a small guy." Akademiks rejected the idea of facing Santana, saying, "No, there's no squabbling... It's Saucy Santana. If there were any concerns, I'd handle it."

This latest revelation adds another layer of complexity to DJ Akademiks' already controversial public persona, leaving fans and followers intrigued by the unfolding drama.

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