Joe Budden Calls Cap On Fat Joe’s Comments About Lying In His Raps: "He's Lying" | WhatsOnRap

Joe Budden Accuses Fat Joe of Lying, Alleges 95% Lies in His Songs

Joe Budden Challenges Fat Joe's Gangster Persona: Unraveling the Controversy

Joe Budden has cast doubt on Fat Joe's recent claims that he portrays a "gangster" image only in the studio, alleging that the Bronx rapper is not being entirely truthful. During the latest episode of his podcast, Budden vehemently rejected Joe's narrative, declaring it to be a falsehood.

Budden's co-host suggested that Fat Joe might be at a point in his life where he no longer wishes to glorify drug dealing in his lyrics. Unconvinced, Budden retorted, questioning whether Joe was fabricating a lie to present a cleaner image. The controversy began when Fat Joe defended Young Thug, admitting in a CNN interview with Gayle King that he had lied in nearly 95 percent of his songs throughout his 30-year rap career.

Budden expressed skepticism, particularly about Joe's claim that his nickname "Joey Crack" originated from his pants sagging, revealing his crack, calling it "weird." The Bronx rapper had shared this explanation after stating that he lied in most of his songs, emphasizing that his lyrics were often exaggerated and fictional.

During the CNN interview, Fat Joe emphasized the potential consequences of using rap lyrics against artists in legal cases, citing the ongoing YSL RICO case involving Young Thug. He argued that district attorneys are aware that lyrics are often creative expressions rather than factual statements, but they exploit them to build cases against artists. The rapper stressed the seriousness of the situation, noting that real lives are at stake.

Fat Joe later clarified his statements, asserting that despite embellishing his past in his lyrics, he did live some aspects of the life he rapped about. The debate between Joe Budden and Fat Joe continues, shedding light on the complex relationship between authenticity, artistic expression, and the legal implications of rap lyrics.

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