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Kanye West Reveals Intentions to Build His Own City

Kanye West Unveils Ambitious Plans for YZY DROAM: A Self-Sufficient City in the Middle East
Kanye West, the controversial artist, has set his sights on an ambitious venture: the creation of his very own city in the Middle East. The project, named YZY DROAM, was unveiled on a dedicated website on Wednesday (December 20), seeking professionals in various fields such as project management, engineering, architecture, and construction.

Covering a vast expanse of 100,000 acres, YZY DROAM aims to be a self-sufficient city, dwarfing major metropolises in size. To put it into perspective, the city's planned size is approximately four times that of Paris and more than half the size of New York City.

The graphic on the website boldly declares, "YZY DROAM PHASE 1 100,000 ACRE V1 CITY PILOTING IN MIDDLE EAST RECRUITING," providing a glimpse into Kanye West's grand vision.

This isn't the first time Kanye West has embarked on such an ambitious architectural project. In 2020, the rapper had intentions to build his own city in Wyoming, named YZY CITY. The proposed city was described as a "hyper-utilitarian" underground community designed to accommodate 200 people, promoting a closed loop of self-sustainable living. However, the plans faced opposition from the state, leading to their cancellation.

Last year, reports surfaced that West had filed trademark applications for a concept called the "Yecosystem," hinting at his desire to create a mini-community. Now, with YZY DROAM, Kanye West is once again pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation.

As the rapper-turned-entrepreneur ventures into the realm of city-building, YZY DROAM symbolizes West's commitment to redefining conventional norms. The project not only underscores his creative prowess but also reflects a visionary approach to urban planning.

Kanye West's foray into city-building is a testament to his relentless pursuit of groundbreaking ideas. YZY DROAM, with its colossal scale and emphasis on self-sustainability, stands as a testament to the rapper's desire to leave an indelible mark on the world, not just through music but through transformative urban spaces.

As YZY DROAM recruits professionals to bring this ambitious vision to life, the world watches with anticipation to witness the realization of Kanye West's latest architectural endeavor.

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