Kanye West Goes Off On Wild Rant Over Jay-Z, Drake, Adidas, Jesus Kim And Hitler at Vultures Album Event in Las Vegas | WhatsOnRap

Kanye West Went On An Instagram Live Rant, Mentioning Numerous Names During The Session

Kanye West's Disturbing Vultures Album Event Rant: Hitler, Jesus, and Targets Aired on Instagram Live

Kanye West, in a striking display of his unfiltered thoughts, positioned himself in the company of historical figures like Hitler and Jesus Christ during his recent live-streamed Vultures album event in Las Vegas. This unsettling yet characteristic brain dump, captured by YesJulz on Instagram and widely shared on social media, saw West taking aim at various perceived foes and former friends, including Drake, Jay-Z, and Adidas.

Continuing a pattern from the previous year, West exhibited an anti-semitic streak, criticizing "Jewish people" who dismiss his outbursts as mere "episodes." He went further, asserting that "Zionists" wield control over hospitals and private schools. "Who makes the hospitals, though?" West questioned. "These are Zionists, my friend. This is what I'm trying to tell you. Jesus Christ, Hitler, Ye — third party, sponsor that. Bring your sponsorships to that."

Amidst his diatribe, West expressed frustration over his apparent cancellation in the past year due to anti-semitic remarks, singling out Hollywood super agent Ari Emmanuel for leading the charge. He vented his grievances against Kering luxury group head François Pinault, Balenciaga creative director Demna, and LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault.

Reflecting on his tweet that seemingly triggered his downfall, West remarked, “The only n***a that had the Trump hat. The only n***a that went and got them billions. The only n***a that break through all kinds of ideas in fashion.”

Addressing specific individuals, he exclaimed, “Drake, this is what you been waiting for. Jay-Z, this is what you been waiting for. Adidas, this is what you been waiting for. Kim, this is what you been waiting for.” Concurrently, West was reportedly recording music for his awaited album, Vultures, during the Las Vegas event. While the album's release was anticipated on December 15, it is yet to hit the shelves.

In addition to working on new music, West faced challenges clearing Nicki Minaj's five-year-old verse for a track titled "New Body." Despite sharing screenshots of their correspondence, Minaj declined the request during an Instagram Live, citing the impracticality of releasing a song that has been in circulation for three years.

Pink Friday 2, Minaj's latest album released a week ago, features collaborations with J. Cole, Lil Wayne, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Future, and more. Notably, Minaj and West haven't officially collaborated since their joint appearance alongside 6ix9ine on "Mama" in 2019.