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Lil Wayne Claims He's The LeBron James Of Rap Game

Lil Wayne's Unique Rap Journey: Drawing Parallels with LeBron James in Candid Interview with Taylor Rooks for Bleacher Report.

In a recent captivating conversation with Taylor Rooks for Bleacher Report, Lil Wayne delved into his illustrious rap career and drew a compelling parallel to NBA icon LeBron James. While potential analogies could have been drawn to other basketball luminaries such as Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant, or Steph Curry, Weezy unequivocally positioned himself in alignment with LeBron.

Addressing the choice of LeBron James, Lil Wayne underscored the common thread between their early forays into their respective domains as teenagers and their sustained triumphs, transcending into their current life stages.

He elucidated, “I would say that I’m like a LeBron. I dropped my first solo album when I was 14, and that’s the same album I’m talking about that went platinum. And I've been doing this at this pace or higher ever since, just like him.” Weezy even evoked a comparison to Tom Brady, reminiscing about the perpetual speculation surrounding Brady's retirement despite his prolonged excellence in the NFL.

While acknowledging the absence of retirement inquiries from fans, Lil Wayne astutely acknowledged the fervent anticipation surrounding his upcoming musical endeavors. When contemplating the future face of the NBA post-LeBron, he articulated his perspective, “To me, I think the obvious answer is Ja [Morant]. The NBA is entertainment. What I mean by that is there was always Michael Jordan, and that was, you know, like God.” He added, “Ja’s teams are actually competitive when he’s there and when he’s doing his thing.”

In this interview, Lil Wayne not only offers a unique and introspective glimpse into his remarkable career trajectory but also provides insightful commentary on the dynamic landscape of the NBA.

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