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NBA YoungBoy and Birdman Clap Back at Joe Budden's Criticism

NBA YoungBoy Fires Back at Joe Budden's Critique, Calls Him Out in Fiery Response
The rap feud between Joe Budden and NBA YoungBoy is heating up after Budden openly criticized the Baton Rouge rapper's music on a recent episode of his podcast. Budden didn't mince words, straightforwardly stating, “That n-gga’s trash. He’s horrible. He is really, really, really, really, really bad." He went on to suggest that YoungBoy's former label orchestrated the viral "YB Better" meme to artificially boost his popularity.

In response, NBA YoungBoy unleashed a fiery rant, challenging Budden with strong words and daring him to confront him in Utah, where he's currently on house arrest. YoungBoy fiercely defended his musical prowess, highlighting the success of his recent album, "Decided 2," which remains in the top 10. 

The exchange escalated with YoungBoy questioning Budden's credibility and challenging him to a face-to-face discussion on "Grave Digger Mountain." “The last thing I dropped was Decided 2 — my album’s still in the top 10, pussy ass n-gga!” he said. “Don’t speak on me, I don’t play that shit. Don’t rat on me neither, you pussy bitch!

Adding fuel to the fire, Birdman, YoungBoy's mentor, issued a stern warning to Joe Budden via Instagram, suggesting that Budden should tread carefully in his comments about the young rapper.

“@joebudden you fukin with somethin you should leave alone,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories. “Stunna Corleone Gotti NBarg @neverbrokeagainllc.”

This recent exchange adds a new chapter to the ongoing tension between Budden and YoungBoy, dating back to February when Budden ridiculed the rapper's "Stop the Violence" campaign, expressing skepticism about its authenticity. The back-and-forth showcases the intensity of emotions in the world of hip-hop, where artists defend their craft and reputation with unapologetic vigor. As the verbal sparring continues, fans are left eagerly anticipating the next moves in this escalating rap feud.

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