Nick Cannon Responds to Sexyy Red's Illuminati Joke: "She Can't Even Spell Illuminati" | WhatsOnRap

Nick Cannon Responds To Sexyy Red's Joke About Selling her Soul To Illuminate

Sexyy Red's Illuminati Confession Ignites Online Buzz: What's Behind the Hottest Rapper's Revelations?

Sexyy Red's revelations about the Illuminati sparked a whirlwind of reactions and discussions in the online sphere. The "Pound Town" artist took to Instagram Live to address rumors about selling her soul, claiming she's entangled in something she can't escape due to immense wealth.

Nick Cannon, on The Daily Cannon, added his perspective, questioning Sexyy Red's intelligence with a playful jab, "Yo, she can't even spell Illuminati." Cannon also delved into the secrecy associated with such societies, suggesting that the talkative nature of the Black community would hinder their participation in clandestine groups.

The incident highlights the intersection of fame, conspiracy theories, and public scrutiny in the realm of hip-hop and social media. As discussions unfold, it prompts reflection on the influence and reach of artists in the digital age, where statements made in passing during a live session can quickly become headlines.

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