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Offset Addresses Fans Joking About Takeoff’s Death Amidst Cardi B Drama

Offset's Warning Amid Cardi B Split and Takeoff Controversy
Offset has urged fans against making inappropriate comments as he navigates the public fallout from his split with Cardi B. The couple's breakup has been a hot topic on social media since Cardi B confirmed the end of their six-year marriage during an Instagram Live session on December 11.

Expressing her desire for a fresh start in 2024, Cardi B mentioned her excitement for a new life and a new beginning. The announcement set social media abuzz, with Offset facing a barrage of criticism and commentary.
Despite celebrating his 32nd birthday during the week, Offset took a moment on December 16 to address Twitter users who crossed the line with their comments. In a tweet, he expressed his concern about fans making inappropriate remarks about Takeoff, another member of Migos, stating, "Fan[s] wishing death on Takeoff is crazy. Y’all lil’ a** better chill."

Later, Offset clarified his statement, tweeting, "Correction: Fans using Takeoff’s name in the middle of all this isn’t cool. I’m still grieving my brother and would like for his name to not be brought up."

The tragic death of Takeoff on November 1, 2022, has been a significant emotional burden for both Offset and Cardi B. Cardi B previously shared the impact of Takeoff's death on her marriage, revealing that the loss had left her feeling hopeless in her attempts to bring joy to Offset. The rapper has openly acknowledged the profound sorrow caused by the untimely death of his bandmate and brother.

As Offset deals with the challenges of a public breakup and copes with the ongoing grief from the loss of Takeoff, he has called for respect and sensitivity from fans during this difficult time.

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