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Playboi Carti's New Track "H00dByAir" Unveils Surprise Revelation of Newborn Daughter

Playboi Carti Drops Surprise: Reveals Fatherhood of Two in "H00DBYAIR."
Playboi Carti surprises fans with the revelation of being a father of two in his latest release, "H00DBYAIR." The rapper dropped the track along with its music video on December 19, providing a glimpse into his upcoming album.

In a heartfelt moment towards the end of the song, Carti discloses that he now has a daughter named Eve, stating, "I was 24 when I had lil’ Onyx (then I had a daughter, I got a daughter too)/ 27 when I had Eve/ Now I can finally sleep." His 27th birthday on September 13 indicates the recent birth of the child, leaving fans curious about the identity of the mother.

This revelation comes in the wake of legal troubles for Carti in December 2022 when he was arrested for allegedly choking his pregnant girlfriend. The incident, occurring in Fulton County, Georgia, stemmed from a dispute over a paternity test. The woman detailed a harrowing account, stating that Carti forcefully grabbed her by the throat, causing visible injuries to her neck, chest, and back. She expressed fear for her life during the altercation.

According to the victim, a witness intervened to break up the fight, but Carti pursued the assault when she sought refuge in her car. The woman further claimed that Carti attempted to prevent her from using the car's SOS feature to call the police. The authorities found injuries consistent with her account upon arrival.

The woman revealed that she had been in a relationship with Carti for two years, living together since July 2022, and was 14 weeks pregnant at the time of the alleged incident.

Playboi Carti's personal life has been a subject of public interest, especially after the birth of his son, Onyx Kelly, with ex-girlfriend Iggy Azalea in April 2020. The couple reportedly parted ways before the birth of their child. As Carti navigates the complexities of fatherhood and personal challenges, his music continues to resonate with fans, offering a glimpse into the artist's multifaceted life.

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