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SZA Acknowledges Discomfort with Fame and Describes Herself as 'Not a Kind Person'

SZA Opens Up About Struggles with Fame and Anxiety in Recent Interview

In the aftermath of a record-breaking year with her sophomore album SOS, SZA has candidly opened up about the challenges that come with ultra-stardom and the toll it has taken on her well-being.

During an insightful conversation with Zane Lowe ahead of her Apple Music Live performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, SZA reflected on the abnormal aspects of her newfound success. SZA shared, "I realized as of recent a lot of this shit is not normal." She delved into the pressures from external forces and the impact of perception on her interactions with fans.

The singer expressed her struggle with the overwhelming expectations placed on her time and space, leading to frustration and lashing out. SZA highlighted the disconnect between public perception and her true self, stating, "It actually makes me on edge and not a kind person because of the anxiety of wondering like how people — there’s so much perceiving going on."
Despite achieving fame, SZA revealed that she remains the shy person she was in high school. She disclosed her discomfort with being perceived, avoiding public appearances, parties, and photos. "I hate being on video. It’s the bane of my existence. It makes me really, really uncomfortable — I cry," she confessed, noting that she had consumed calming gummies before the interview.

These sentiments echo her recent social media posts expressing the challenges of enjoying life amid the demands of the industry. SZA took to X (formerly Twitter) to articulate her struggles, emphasizing the lack of guidance on savoring life amid the constant pressure to work, desire, protect, and fight for it.

Last week, the artist teased the forthcoming deluxe edition of SOS by sharing six potential album covers on social media. The images, featuring SZA in a No. 15 football jersey and captioned "LANA," have sparked anticipation for new material, hinting at a possible release on December 15. As she navigates the complexities of stardom, SZA continues to offer fans a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the realities of her journey.

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