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T-Pain Shocks Fans with Incredible Performance of 'On Top of the Covers (Live from The Sun Rose)'

T-Pain Stuns Fans with Unfiltered Vocals in Live Album "On Top of the Covers (Live from The Sun Rose).
Making a Spectacular comeback after a nine-month hiatus following the release of his covers album "On Top of the Covers," T-Pain has delighted fans with an enchanting live album recorded at The Sun Rose in West Hollywood.

The newly released album, titled "On Top of the Covers (Live From Sun Rose)," comprises a whopping 22 tracks. In this live rendition, T-Pain showcases his versatile talent, delivering soulful renditions of classics such as Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin',” Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come," Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey," and more.

Here Are Some Of T-Pain's Covers That Have Blown Fans Away:

T-Pain On Top of The Covers (Live from The Sun Rose) Playlist Tracks: 

  1. Intro 
  2. Summertime 
  3. Welcome 
  4. That's Life 
  5. Hot Tequila 
  6. Don't Stop Believin'
  7. Shout 
  8. Never Too Much 
  9. American Woman 
  10. I Don't Want To Be
  11. This Is How We Do It
  12. Klink 
  13. Tennessee Whiskey 
  14. Skrangs (in K Major Sus)
  15. Stay With Me
  16. This Is Superstardom
  17. A Change Is Gonna Come
  18. She's Sympathy 
  19. War Pigs
  20. One More Story 
  21. Crazy / Black Ice
  22. Buy U A Drank

Listen To The Tracklist From T-Pain's Impressive Live Performance Below:

Excitement radiates from T-Pain as he shares, “I’m so excited for the world to hear and see this. Since it’s the gift-giving time of year, I decided to release the full performance. Let’s keep the good times rolling into 2024!”

Promoting the live album on Instagram, T-Pain expresses gratitude, stating, "For all the people who wanted an album of me singing live, this is my holiday gift to you. For the Tiny Desk & Masked Singer fans & everyone in between, you ain’t heard nothing yet."

The response to T-Pain’s live performance has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans expressing sheer amazement at his natural singing prowess without the assistance of his trademark Auto-Tune.

Looking ahead, the artist has exciting plans for the upcoming year, with live performances scheduled in Las Vegas. Fans can mark their calendars for T-Pain's appearances at Zouk Nightclub on Feb. 8, April 20, and July 11, along with a show at Ayu Dayclub on May 26. As he continues to captivate audiences with his vocal prowess, T-Pain shows no signs of slowing down, ensuring that the good times keep rolling well into the future.


  • What songs did T-Pain perform in his live album "On Top of the Covers (Live From Sun Rose)"?
T-Pain performed 22 tracks, including covers of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin',” Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come,” and more.
  • How was T-Pain's performance received by fans?
The reaction to T-Pain’s performance was overwhelmingly positive, with fans stunned by his natural singing voice without the use of Auto-Tune.
  • Why did T-Pain decide to release a live album?
T-Pain decided to release the full live performance as a holiday gift to fans who wanted an album of him singing live.
  • How many tracks are included in the live album "On Top of the Covers (Live From Sun Rose)"?
The live album consists of 22 tracks.
  • What covers did T-Pain include in his live performance?
T-Pain covered a diverse range of songs, including tracks by Luther Vandross, Chris Stapleton, Dr. Hook, Sam Smith and more.
  • When did T-Pain's live performance take place?
T-Pain's live performance was recorded at The Sun Rose in West Hollywood.
  • What was the audience's reaction to T-Pain singing without Auto-Tune?
Fans were stunned and impressed by T-Pain's natural singing voice without the use of Auto-Tune.
  • Is T-Pain planning more live performances?
Yes, T-Pain is scheduled to continue his run of live performances in Las Vegas next year.
  • What inspired T-Pain to perform covers of other artists' songs?
T-Pain expressed excitement about sharing his versions of well-known songs and giving fans a unique musical experience.
  • How did T-Pain describe his live performance on social media?
T-Pain described the live performance as a holiday gift for fans and encouraged them to watch the full performance on YouTube.
  • Did T-Pain perform any of his original songs in the live album?
The live album primarily features covers, showcasing T-Pain's versatility in interpreting various genres.
  • How did T-Pain describe his growth as an artist in the live performance?
T-Pain mentioned that people grow out of certain things and place value in different aspects of life, including the type and size of jewelry.
  • Has T-Pain ever won an award for his music?
Yes, T-Pain won the first season of The Masked Singer in 2019, where he performed as a monster.
  • How did T-Pain react to the positive reception of his live performance?
T-Pain was excited and grateful for the positive reception, expressing his anticipation for fans to hear and see the live performance.
  • Can fans expect more live albums from T-Pain in the future?
T-Pain has not specified plans for future live albums, but fans can look forward to more of his live performances.
  • How did T-Pain's real voice gain fame?
T-Pain's real voice gained fame after his Tiny Desk Concert went viral, where he sang popular hits without vocal effects.
  • Can I watch T-Pain's full live performance on YouTube?
Yes, T-Pain has released the full performance on YouTube for fans to enjoy. 
You Can Watch Below: 

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