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Young Thug’s Dad Said Lil Baby Needs To STFU About Gunna Taking a Plea Deal

Young Thug's Father Criticizes Lil Baby for Remarks on Gunna's Legal Situation: Calls for Understanding Amidst YSL RICO Trial
In a recent interview with legal affairs journalist Infamous Sylvia, Young Thug's father, Jeffrey Williams Sr., expressed his disapproval of Lil Baby's comments regarding Gunna's legal choices, urging the rapper to "shut the f**k up." The conversation unfolded amid the ongoing RICO trial against Young Thug's YSL collective.

When questioned about Lil Baby dissing Gunna for accepting a plea deal in the case, Williams Sr. was direct in his response. He emphasized that Lil Baby lacked a comprehensive understanding of the situation, stating, "He needs to shut the f**k up because he doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s going off what he heard."

Williams Sr. further challenged Lil Baby and other artists, asking if they had ever attended a court date to support Young Thug, known as Slime or Jeffrey. He criticized the prevalence of what he referred to as "snitch shit" in the music industry and called for accountability, urging those who haven't been present at court proceedings to refrain from commenting on Gunna's situation.

The controversy began when Lil Baby seemingly dissed Gunna during a stop on his It's Only Us Tour. As their collaborative hit "Drip Too Hard" played, Lil Baby could be heard saying, "F**k the rats, turn this shit off." This added fuel to the ongoing tension between the two artists.

Gunna, released from jail last December after entering an Alford plea in the YSL RICO case, has faced backlash for his decision. The plea indicates maintaining innocence while acknowledging the best interest of pleading guilty. Williams Sr. defended Gunna, emphasizing that he hadn't provided information that could harm Young Thug's legal battle.

This isn't the first time Jeffrey Williams Sr. has supported Gunna. In a previous interview, he clarified that Gunna had not done anything detrimental to their legal case and affirmed his trust in the rapper.

Gunna, in a statement after his release, denied any involvement in snitching on Young Thug. He stated, "I have NOT made any statements, have NOT been interviewed, have NOT cooperated, have NOT agreed to testify or be a witness."

As the YSL RICO trial unfolds, the controversy highlights the complexities within the hip-hop community and the challenges artists face when navigating legal matters. Jeffrey Williams Sr.'s call for understanding underscores the need for nuanced discussions surrounding the ongoing legal proceedings.

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