Boskoe100 Praises Eminem, Questions Choice to Diss Benzino Over The Game: "Why Didn't You Diss The Game?"

Eminem Gets Boskoe100's Respect, But Why Target Benzino Instead of The Game?

Boskoe100 Debunks Stereotypes: Eminem's Benzino Diss and Challenging Hip-Hop Norms
Boskoe100, the notable hip-hop artist hailing from Inglewood, California, recently shared his insights on a variety of topics during an interview with VLAD TV

One notable point of discussion was Eminem's resurfaced beef with Benzino and Boskoe's response to Dr. Umar's comments questioning Eminem's status as one of the greatest due to his skin color.

In addressing Eminem's renewed diss towards Benzino, Boskoe100 expressed a nuanced perspective. He questioned the relevance of dissing Benzino after a 20-year-old feud, suggesting it felt somewhat "whack." Boskoe pondered why Eminem chose Benzino and not someone like The Game for a more impactful response.

Boskoe100 Questions Eminem's Resurgence of 20-Year Benzino Beef:  

[Dissing Benzino?] It’s kind of whack, though. I ain’t gonna lie. Y’all had beef 20 years ago. Ain’t nobody thinking about that. Then why he didn’t diss The Game? We would have cared more, I would not really cared about him dissing Game either but I would have cared little bit more at least, if it was Game. Benzino? What is Benzino doing? It’s like being a bully at this point. You dissing Benzino, you bulling that man. He don’t even rap. He probably rapped before but he’s not a rapper.

- Boskoe100

Boskoe100 delved into the broader issue of Eminem's stature in hip-hop, emphasizing that talent should surpass racial boundaries. He defended Eminem as one of the most dangerous emcees, challenging the notion that his success is diminished due to his skin color. Boskoe highlighted the cultural aspect of hip-hop, asserting that the genre's essence transcends racial divisions.

Despite his critique of Eminem's choice in diss targets, Boskoe100 acknowledged being an Eminem fan since day one. He praised Eminem's skills and emphasized that talent, not race, should define success in the hip-hop industry. Boskoe argued that hip-hop, like Hollywood, should be evaluated based on skill and contribution to the culture, irrespective of racial background.

Boskoe100's insights provide a thought-provoking perspective on Eminem's recent actions and the broader dynamics within the hip-hop community. The conversation not only addresses specific beef but also challenges stereotypes within the genre, reinforcing the idea that talent knows no racial boundaries.

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