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Chrisean Rock Opens Up About Her Inability to 'Move On' from Blueface

Navigating the Complexities of Chrisean Rock and Blueface's Relationship: Insights into Their Emotional Bond.
Chrisean Rock recently opened up about the complexities of her relationship with Blueface, shedding light on why she finds it challenging to "move on" from the rapper despite their history.

In a candid Instagram Live session on January 21, the reality star/rapper delved into the intricacies of her connection with Blueface, emphasizing that their dynamic is not easily comprehensible to outsiders. Rock described a period of intense enjoyment with Blueface just before he was incarcerated, emphasizing the best friend-like vibes they share, which she believes are exclusive to them.

Reflecting on her expectations when Blueface went to jail, Rock admitted:

"I thought when he went to jail, I was just going to be like, 'Alright, cool, great.' But then, I ain't going to hold you... you see how I try to move on and shit."

- Chrisean Rock

Despite attempts to distance herself, Rock highlighted the challenges of the situation, hinting at a sudden change in Blueface's behavior. She referred to a viral video capturing a heated argument between them and recounted Blueface asking her, "You finna be outside or you finna be my b**ch?"

Sharing her response to this question, Rock disclosed that she and Blueface have engaged in lengthy nightly phone conversations since his recent incarceration. This revelation suggests a continued emotional entanglement between the on-again, and off-again couple.

Last summer, Chrisean Rock expressed a desire to move on from Blueface and hinted at the prospect of a new, meaningful relationship. Despite past statements about embracing independence, the recent developments indicate an ongoing connection between the two. Blueface is currently serving time in L.A. County Jail for probation violations related to a 2021 assault case. 

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