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Halle Bailey Announces the Birth of Her Baby Boy with Rapper DDG

Halle Bailey Welcomes Son Halo: A Joyous Announcement from the 'Angel' Singer and Boyfriend DDG.
Halle Bailey has introduced the newest member of her family, her son Halo, born to her and her boyfriend DDG. The celebrated singer shared a touching Instagram photo, showcasing her holding the tiny hand of her newborn, adorned with a gold bracelet engraved with the name "Halo."

In a heartfelt caption, Halle expressed her elation, stating, “Even though we’re a few days into the new year, the greatest thing that 2023 could have done for me was bring me my son… Welcome to the world, my Halo. The world is desperate to know you.” The couple, who officially confirmed their relationship in March 2022, had been romantically involved for over a year.

Despite maintaining privacy around her pregnancy, Halle received warm congratulations from well-known personalities such as Ella Mai, Tinashe, Queen Naija, La La Anthony, and Kali Uchis in the comments section of her Instagram post. Known for keeping her personal life out of the public eye, Halle addressed previous rumors about her appearance and pregnancy in November 2023 on Snapchat.

Just days before the official announcement, DDG debunked speculations about their baby while emphasizing the need for privacy. However, he subtly alluded to Halo in his latest release, "Darryl Freestyle," acknowledging his newfound role as a father.

In a November 2023 interview with REVOLT, DDG shed light on his relationship with Halle, describing them as best friends who share surprising similarities. He praised Halle's fun and humorous personality, underlining the significance of humor and shared interests in their relationship.

The choice of the name "Halo" for their son has sparked intrigue, especially considering Halle and her sister Chlöe Bailey's professional association with Beyoncé under her label, Parkwood Entertainment. DDG's lyrics in "Darryl Freestyle" further hinted at the couple's enthusiasm and love for their newborn, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring Halo has everything he needs.

The announcement of Halle Bailey and DDG's baby has brought immense joy to their fans, symbolizing the commencement of a new, exciting chapter in their relationship and family journey.


Q: When did Halle Bailey and DDG officially confirm their relationship?
A: The couple officially confirmed their relationship in March 2022.

Q: How long have Halle Bailey and DDG been dating?
A: The couple had been dating for over a year before the birth of their first child.

Q: What is the name of Halle Bailey and DDG's first son?
A: The couple joyfully welcomed their first child, a son named Halo.

Q: How did Halle Bailey announce the birth of her son?
A: Halle shared a heartwarming photo on Instagram, holding her newborn's hand with a gold bracelet engraved with "Halo."

Q: How did DDG react to rumors about their baby before the announcement?
A: DDG denied rumors and emphasized the importance of respecting their privacy just two days before the official announcement.

Q: Did Halle Bailey keep her pregnancy private?
A: Yes, Halle maintained privacy regarding her pregnancy and addressed rumors about her appearance in November 2023.

Q: How did DDG express his role as a father in his recent release, "Darryl Freestyle"?
A: DDG acknowledged his role as a father in his lyrics, expressing excitement and commitment to providing for Halo's needs.

Q: When did Halle Bailey and DDG publicly acknowledge their relationship and pregnancy?
A: The couple acknowledged their relationship publicly in March 2022, and the pregnancy was publicly acknowledged with the birth announcement.

Q: What sparked speculation about the name "Halo" for their son?
A: The choice of the name "Halo" sparked speculation due to Halle and her sister Chlöe Bailey's professional relationship with Beyoncé under Parkwood Entertainment.

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