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Ja Rule Confronts Exclusion from Top 50 Rappers List: "Statistically Impossible"

Ja Rule Defends Rap Legacy, Challenges Billboard Omission as 'Statistically Impossible' on The Tamron Hall Show.
In a recent appearance on The Tamron Hall Show, Ja Rule addressed his absence from Billboard and VIBE's 50 Greatest Rappers of All Time list, asserting it's statistically impossible not to include him given his successful rap career.

The iconic rapper expressed his frustration over being left out of the viral list, emphasizing his belief that no rapper, "dead, alive, or waiting to be born," surpasses his prowess. Ja Rule underscored the importance of numbers and statistics in the music industry, particularly when dealing with outlets like Billboard.

"I'm not a hater. Congrats to everyone on the list, But these lists, they're meaningless because music is subjective. You like who you want to like, you know everybody has their favorite artist. But my thing was: this is a list comprised by Billboard. They do numbers and statistics, if I'm not mistaken. That list is impossible to make without Ja Rule being on it—statistically impossible."

- Ja Rule

He went on to address the commotion surrounding a rumored $100 million deal he allegedly signed, urging people to mind their business in 2024. Ja Rule expressed fatigue with consistently taking the high road, stating that "that road is backed up."

Backing his claim, Ja Rule pointed to his impressive track record, having sold 30 million records worldwide, boasting four platinum albums (two of which went multiplatinum), and a collection of chart-topping singles. He emphasized the need to consider different metrics for older artists who may not have had the same sales figures.

As the controversy around Ja Rule's omission continues, his strong case rests on the undeniable impact he has had on the rap and hip-hop scene throughout his illustrious career. With his global sales and chart-topping achievements, Ja Rule remains a significant figure in the genre, challenging the subjectivity of industry lists and asserting the importance of statistical merit.

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