Tia Kemp Expresses Frustration at Rick Ross Following Cease & Desist: "Sue 50 Cent then, Don’t beef with me!" | WhatsOnRap

Ex-Girlfriend Tia Kemp Responds to Rick Ross' Cease & Desist with Fiery Retort

Tia Kemp Roasts Rick Ross with Cease and Desist Clapback: 50 Cent, DJ Envy Drama Unfolds

Rick Ross' former girlfriend, Tia Kemp, unleashed a social media tirade against the rapper after receiving a cease and desist. 

In response, she suggests Ross should redirect his legal attention towards longstanding adversaries like 50 Cent or DJ Envy, with whom Ross has had public feuds in the past year. 

The cease and desist alleges that Kemp made damaging and false statements about Ross and his family.

Taking to Instagram Live, Kemp candidly shared: 

"Sent me a cease and desist. I ain’t lying. It’s the truth."

- Tia Kemp

She challenges Ross's defamation claims, advising him to pursue legal action against 50 Cent instead. Kemp doesn't hold back, stating:

"Don’t beef with me. Told you I wasn’t a rapper years ago, now you wanna shut me up. You ain’t shut up DJ Envy. You won’t cease [and desist] DJ Envy when he was putting on that CO uniform. Motherfucker, you a real CO."

- Tia Kemp

The cease and desist was triggered by Kemp's numerous comments on social media regarding Ross and his current girlfriend, Cristina Mackey. Alongside labeling Mackey a "h*e," Kemp alleged that Ross's bed was unclean and caused her to fall ill. In her words:

"The sheets were dirty since the pandemic. I laid on red Versace sheets and got influenza the day after I come home."

- Tia Kemp

Tia Kemp Fires Back At Rick Ross:

This legal dispute adds a new layer to the ongoing saga between Ross and Kemp, with social media serving as the battleground for their public exchanges. As the cease and desist attempts to muzzle Kemp's outspoken comments, it also raises questions about the power dynamics and controversies within the hip-hop community. 

Meanwhile, Ross faces decisions on where to direct his legal firepower amid the complex web of relationships and disputes in his life.

The cease and desist saga underscores the intricacies of fame, relationships, and personal narratives in the rap world. It remains to be seen how this legal maneuver will play out and whether it will quell the storm of public drama that surrounds Ross and Kemp's interactions.

In the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop drama, this chapter adds a new twist to the ongoing narratives of feuds, legal battles, and personal revelations that captivate fans and followers of the rap scene. As the saga unfolds, fans are left wondering what's next in the turbulent relationship between Ross and Kemp.

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