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Wiz Khalifa Responds to Backlash of The Viral Video of Him Blowing Smoke in His Friend's Face

Wiz Khalifa's Studio Prank Sparks Controversy: Blowing Smoke on AD Raises Eyebrows Amidst Claims of Iconic Status
In the latest social media uproar, Wiz Khalifa found himself amid criticism after a video surfaced of him playing a cheeky prank on fellow rapper AD while he was catching some Z's in the studio. The clip, which circulated on Thursday, captured Wiz blowing a substantial cloud of smoke into AD's face, much to the amusement of onlookers.

The impromptu wake-up call didn't stop there, as Wiz, undeterred by the online backlash, returned with yet another round of smoke, leaving AD bewildered and the rest of the crew in stitches. The incident prompted a wave of commentary, with social media users sharing their opinions on the unconventional wake-up method.

Beyond the viral incident, Wiz Khalifa had a prolific 2023, dropping three mixtapes that showcased his musical versatility. December saw the release of "Decisions," featuring production from E. Dan and Big Jerm. The tape paid homage to the late Nipsey Hussle, setting the tone for Wiz's continued exploration of diverse sounds and themes.

Preceding "Decisions" was "Khali Sober," released in October, a project entirely produced by Big Jerm with contributions from Jay Card, Nice Rec, Soul Professa, and Cam Raleigh. Wiz's first full-length project of the year, "See Ya," arrived in June, boasting collaborations with familiar faces like Chevy Woods and Young Deji, along with production credits from Quadwoofer, I.D. Labs, Iamsu!, JoogSZN, BYRVN, and more.

The musical journey in 2023 also witnessed a significant milestone as Khalifa's 2008 mixtape, "Star Power," finally found its way to streaming services, adding a nostalgic touch to his already diverse discography.

Despite the mixed reactions to his unconventional antics, Wiz Khalifa remains unfazed, standing by his "iconic" claim as he continues to leave an indelible mark on the music scene with his consistent output and willingness to push artistic boundaries. Only time will tell what surprises the rap icon has in store for his fans in the coming year.

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