Yasiin Bey, F.K.A. Mos Def, Slams Drake's Music, Believes Its More Pop Than Hip-Hop

Yasiin Bey Deems Drake's Music Pop, Describing It as 'Compatible With Shopping'

Yasiin Bey Unpacks Drake's Sound: A Hip-Hop Luminary's Perspective on the 6 God's Musical Identity
In a recent episode of The Cutting Room Floor podcast, hip-hop luminary Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, didn't hold back when sharing his unfiltered views on Drake. As the host, Omondi, delved into the question of Drake's place in hip-hop, Bey's responses offered a unique and nuanced perspective.

Yasiin Bey's appearance on The Cutting Room Floor podcast showcased his candid assessment of Drake's musical identity. When prompted by Omondi about whether Drake can be categorized as hip-hop, Bey exhibited a moment of hesitation before asserting that, in his eyes, the 6 God leans more towards the realm of "pop."
"Drake is pop to me," Bey expressed. He humorously painted a scenario where he hears a Drake song in a Target store in Houston, emphasizing the perceived commercial appeal of Drake's music. "It feels like a lot of his music is compatible with shopping," Bey remarked, injecting a lighthearted yet critical tone into his observation.

Describing Drake's music as "likable," Bey playfully mimicked the excitement of a shopping spree. "So many products! So many SKUs! Look at all these SKUs! I love this mall. Look at this place! They have everything! Everything's here. Oh, this is great. This is the new Drake, you hear it? It's great."

Bey, however, took a thought-provoking turn, raising questions about the sustainability of Drake's current musical trajectory. He pondered, "What happens when this thing collapses? What happens when the columns start buckling? Are we not in some early stage of that at this present hour? Are we seeing the collapse of an empire?"

Continuing his critique, Bey questioned the depth of Drake's artistry, asking, "Buying and selling, where's the message that I can use? What's in it for your audience apart from banging the pom-poms?"

Yasiin Bey's candid take on Drake adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing discourse around rap artists and the evolving landscape of hip-hop. As the genre continues to shape-shift, Bey's insights invite reflection on the intersection of commercial success, artistic depth, and the enduring essence of hip-hop music.

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