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Adin Ross Phoned 21 Savage About The Drake Leaked Video

Drake Leaked Video: 21 Savage's Reaction
During a recent live stream, Adin Ross, a prominent streamer and co-owner, initiated a conversation with 21 Savage. However, the dialogue took an unexpected turn when the rapper promptly ended the call. 

The abrupt conclusion followed Adin's reference to a recent controversy involving fellow rapper Drake. This controversy revolved around a Drake twitter video in a compromising situation, which had garnered significant attention across social media platforms in the preceding days.

Despite Adin's attempt to talk about the topic, 21 Savage showed no interest in discussing someone else's private matters. Upon hearing the mention of the Drake leaked video, the rapper swiftly terminated the call, expressing his displeasure with a blunt statement:

Get the f**k off my phone.

- 21 Savage

Adin Ross Calls 21 Savage To Ask Him What He Thinks About Drake Leaked Video:

Adin Ross had been among the multitude who had viewed the Drake twitter video. On February 7, during his conversation with 21 Savage, Adin raised the subject, leading to the rapper's abrupt reaction.

Adin initiated the conversation by asking 21 Savage if he had been online recently, to which the rapper responded that he hadn't been active on the internet. Adin then hinted at Drake's recent trending status, prompting 21 Savage to express curiosity about the buzz surrounding the rapper.

Upon hearing Adin's explanation of the leaked video, 21 Savage's annoyance was palpable. Adin shared details about the content of the video, but it remains unclear whether 21 Savage believed the story or not. Nevertheless, he swiftly ended the call, signaling his reluctance to engage in discussions about such topics.

The attempted conversation between Adin Ross and 21 Savage regarding the Drake leaked video ended abruptly, with the rapper showing clear discomfort and disinterest in discussing the matter further. The incident serves as a reminder of the sensitivity surrounding private matters and the importance of respecting boundaries, even in casual conversations.

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