Benzino Expresses Displeasure with Eminem's Production on 2Pac's "Loyal to the Game" Posthumous Release: "That was trash"

Benzino Slams Eminem's Production on 2Pac's "Loyal to the Game" Album

Benzino Slams Eminem's Work on 2Pac's Album "Loyal to the Game"
Benzino is once again making headlines with his critical take on Eminem's involvement in 2Pac's posthumous album, "Loyal to the Game."

In a recent interview segment with The Art of Dialogue released on Friday (February 23), Benzino didn't hold back his disdain for Eminem's production work on the 2004 album.
I think the stuff that he did with 'Pac was horrible. I think that was a disgrace.

- Benzino

The former co-owner of The Source magazine continued to express his disapproval: 

I think he should have never had 'Pac's lyrics to do it. I understand at the time, Afeni [Shakur], maybe it was a money thing. He probably paid for that because that there was the closest that he would be to Pac.

- Benzino

Benzino Continues Dissing Eminem Over 2Pac's Posthumous Album 'Loyal to the Game'

Benzino went on to label the album as "another insult on our culture and community," criticizing Eminem for playing with 2Pac's voice and legacy. He firmly believes that Eminem should not have been granted permission to manipulate 2Pac's vocals in such a manner.
The renewed beef between Eminem and Benzino, which has been ongoing since the early 2000s, reignited when Eminem targeted Benzino on the track "Doomsday Pt. 2" in late January. In the song, Eminem mocks Benzino's financial struggles and physical stature.

This recent exchange adds fuel to the longstanding feud between the two rappers, shedding light on their differing perspectives within the hip-hop community. As the discourse continues, fans are left to ponder the impact of such criticisms on the legacies of both Eminem and 2Pac.

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