Cardi B Expresses Excitement for Usher's Super Bowl Performance, Dreams of Halftime Spotlight: 'I Will Kill It' | WhatsOnRap

Cardi B Cheers Taylor Swift For New Relationship, Excited for Usher's Super Bowl Show

Cardi B's Latest Ventures: NYX Cosmetics Partnership, Usher's Super Bowl Performance Excitement, and Taylor Swift's Romance Support
Cardi B, the renowned hip-hop artist, recently made waves across social media platforms by strategically clearing her Twitter following except for two accounts, leading to much speculation among her fans. 

However, the reason behind this move became clear when she announced her latest brand collaboration with NYX Cosmetics, a leading name in the makeup industry. Their joint venture, titled "Duck Plump," introduces a new line of lip products designed to enhance the fullness and plumpness of lips upon application.

In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cardi B expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership and the Duck Plump product. She praised NYX Cosmetics as a great brand and highlighted her personal affection for the lip-enhancing effects of the product, emphasizing its girly and expressive nature, which resonates with her own style and persona.

Aside from her partnership with NYX Cosmetics, Cardi B also expressed her anticipation for Usher's upcoming Super Bowl LVIII halftime performance. Praising Usher's resilience and musical prowess, she conveyed her excitement and support for his much-awaited return to the grand stage. 

Moreover, she revealed her own aspirations to headline the Super Bowl halftime show someday, confident in her ability to deliver a captivating performance given her repertoire of hit songs.

I’m so excited. He deserves this; he has come back stronger than ever, and BOOM, it’s like… I love him. In the future, I would like to do the Super Bowl. I think I’ma kill it.

- Cardi B

In addition to discussing her professional endeavors, Cardi B shared her thoughts on fellow music icon Taylor Swift's new relationship with NFL All-Pro Tight End Travis Kelce. Observing Swift's public display of affection and dedication to her newfound romance, Cardi B expressed her belief in the authenticity of their connection, commending Swift for embracing her happiness and prioritizing her personal life.
I really feel like she likes him a lot. She’s like, ‘Yeah, I am here, yeah, I am taking a jet to see my man

- Cardi B

Cardi B Expresses Joy Over Taylor Swift's Romance, Anticipates Usher's Super Bowl Gig:

Overall, Cardi B's recent ventures and insights underscore her multifaceted presence in the entertainment industry, from her successful brand collaborations to her aspirations for future career milestones and her genuine support for her peers. As she continues to captivate audiences worldwide, her impact on music, fashion, and pop culture remains undeniable.

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