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Chrisean Rock Says Her Haters Make Her More Popular After Losing Over 300K Followers On IG

Chrisean Rock's Unfazed Response to Losing Followers Over Blueface Tattoo, Turning Hate Into Financial Success
Chrisean Rock, the rapper and reality star, experienced a significant drop in followers after revealing her latest Blueface tattoo, showcasing a portrait of her incarcerated child's father on her face. Despite losing over 300K followers, Chrisean remains undeterred and took to Twitter to share her indifference.

In her tweet on Thursday (February 1), Rock expressed her nonchalance towards the follower loss, emphasizing that the hate only boosts her popularity and income. 

She highlighted the positive impact on her engagement and algorithm, translating into higher promotional prices and increased demand for anything she sells.

Chrisean Reacts To Losing Over 300K Followers After Debuting Blueface Tatto:

Chrisean had previously gotten a Blueface tattoo in 2021, featuring his name in text. In the following year, she added inkwork of his entire face on her neck, followed by a similar piece a few months later on the side of her neck. 

Despite contemplating the removal of some Blueface tattoos through laser surgery, she ultimately chose to cover them up in December.

Known for their turbulent relationship marked by breakups and public disputes, Chrisean Rock made headlines when she announced her decision to move into Blueface's home despite his ongoing imprisonment. The controversial move sparked attention and discussions across social media platforms.

Chrisean's bold choices, including her tattoo decisions and living arrangements, have consistently drawn attention. While facing criticism and follower loss, she remains unapologetic, attributing the negative reactions to her financial success. The rapper embraces the controversy, turning it into a source of income through increased engagement and promotional opportunities.

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