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J. Cole Teases Snippet Of New Track "Might Delete Later" While Touring with Drake on 'It's All A Blur Tour' Leg 2

J. Cole Teases New Song "Might Delete Later" in Hotel Video Snippets
Fans of J. Cole are eagerly anticipating new music from the acclaimed rapper, especially considering it's been some time since his last solo project. With his last album, "The Off-Season," dropping in 2021, listeners have been eagerly awaiting any news of his next release, particularly his highly anticipated album, "The Fall Off."

Despite the hiatus from his own projects, J. Cole has remained active in the music scene, making notable appearances on several high-profile tracks. Last year, he achieved his first-ever number-one hit with Drake on "First Person Shooter" and contributed to Lil Durk's Grammy-winning track "All My Life."
Now, it seems J. Cole is ready to refocus on his own music. Recently, he teased fans with a black and white video featuring snippets of new music titled "Might Delete Later." In the video, Cole showcases snippets of the song while rapping in various locations within a hotel setting. The track itself delves into themes of reciprocity, with Cole addressing individuals who seek favors without having earned them.

Check Out The Teaser Below:

J. Cole’s 'The Fall Off' Album May Be Coming Soon as the Rapper Teases New Song Snippet Using a Burner Account

The teaser video provides a glimpse into the sonic landscape of "Might Delete Later," with a sparse piano instrumental leading into a gradually intensifying beat. However, the anticipation is briefly interrupted in both the song and the video, as Cole references an encounter with law enforcement before being interrupted on screen.

The teaser has sparked excitement among fans, who are eagerly awaiting the full release of "Might Delete Later" and hoping for further updates on "The Fall Off" album. As anticipation builds, J. Cole continues to demonstrate his prowess as one of hip-hop's most versatile and impactful artists.

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