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Jay-Z Calls Out Grammy For Exclusion of Beyoncé's Album of the Year Wins in Acceptance Speech

JAY-Z Challenges Grammys Over Beyoncé's Album Snubs in Dr. Dre Global Impact Award Speech

At the 2024 Grammy Awards, JAY-Z used his acceptance speech for the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award to critique the Recording Academy

While expressing gratitude for the honor, he pointed out a significant flaw in the Album of the Year category, specifically addressing Beyoncé's record.

We want y’all to get it right. At least get it close to right, and obviously, it’s subjective. Y’all don’t gotta clap at everything. Obviously, it’s subjective because, you know, it’s music and it’s opinion-based

- Jay-Z

JAY-Z continued by highlighting Beyoncé's remarkable Grammy wins, stating:
I don’t want to embarrass this young lady, but she has more Grammys than everyone and never won Album of the Year. So, even by your own metrics, that doesn’t work. Think about that. The most Grammys, never won Album of the Year. That doesn’t work.


Jay-Z Stands Up for Beyoncé at the Grammys:

While refraining from mentioning Beyoncé by name, it's evident that she boasts an unparalleled 32 Grammy wins. JAY-Z, sharing the rap Grammy record with Kanye West, secured 24 victories out of 88 nominations. In his address, he scrutinized the subjective voting process and the Recording Academy's decision-making.

“Some of you are gonna go home tonight and feel like you’ve been robbed. Some of you may get robbed. Some of you don’t belong in the category,” he said. “When I get nervous, I tell the truth.”

The hip-hop icon concluded with a broader life lesson: 

Outside of that, you know, we got to keep showing up and forget the Grammys for a second. Just in life. As my daughter just sits and stares at me nervous as I am. Just in life, you got to keep showing up. Just keep showing up. Forget the Grammys; you got to keep showing up until they give you all those accolades you feel you deserve. Until they call you chairman, until they call you a genius, until they call you the greatest of all time.

- Jay-Z

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