Lil Tjay Shares Desire to Collaborate with Kanye West on 'VULTURES 2,' Thinks Cancel Culture Isn’t Real

Lil Tjay Wants Collaboration With Kanye West's 'Vultures 2,' Asserts Cancel Culture Isn't Real

Lil Tjay Shares Views on Cancel Culture and Kanye West's Success with "Vultures 1" Album in Candid Interview
Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign's recent collaboration album, "Vultures 1," has not only topped the charts but also sparked a conversation about cancel culture in the music industry. Lil Tjay, a rising star in the hip-hop scene, weighed in on the topic during a recent interview with TMZ.

While at the airport on Monday, Lil Tjay shared his thoughts on the success of "Vultures 1" and the impact of major label support on album sales. He suggested that the album could have achieved even greater success with additional backing from a major record label. According to Tjay, the current music landscape often prioritizes hype over substance, leading to inflated numbers for projects like "Vultures 1."

In his candid remarks, Lil Tjay expressed a belief that cancel culture is largely a self-imposed phenomenon. He argued that individuals cannot be canceled unless they allow themselves to be, emphasizing the importance of maintaining authenticity in the face of criticism. Tjay asserted that no one can truly cancel another person; they can only choose to ignore or exclude them from their own sphere.

But it is what it is, people like sh!t off the hype nowadays, it don’t even be abelf; if you allow them to cancel youout the music no more. You only cancelled if you cancel yours. I feel like a n-gga can’t cancel me, n-gga can’t cancel nobody. All they can do is block you out of their world. And their world is limited to what they do. He Kanye. He shoulda put me on that sh!t though.

- Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay Thinks Cancel Culture Isn’t Real, Expresses Interest in Collab On "VULTURES," with Kanye West:

Despite facing challenges, "Vultures 1" soared to the top of the Billboard Hot 200 albums chart upon its release. The album features a star-studded lineup of uncredited guest appearances, including Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Lil Durk, Chris Brown, Freddie Gibbs, YG, Quavo, and Rich The Kid, among others. Initially available exclusively on streaming platforms and digital download, physical versions of the album on CD and vinyl are set to hit stores soon.
Kanye West's online store is currently accepting pre-orders for the physical copies of "Vultures 1," indicating strong demand for the project despite its initial setbacks. Despite temporary removals from streaming services and distribution issues, the album's success speaks volumes about Kanye's enduring influence in the music industry.

Lil Tjay's remarks on cancel culture and the success of "Vultures 1" shed light on the evolving dynamics of the music industry and the resilience of artists in the face of challenges. As hip-hop continues to push boundaries and break barriers, projects like "Vultures 1" serve as a testament to the enduring creativity and innovation within the genre.

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