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Brandon Marshall, Former NFL Player Claims Taylor Swift Got Kanye West Kicked Out Of Super Bowl LVIII

Allegations Surround Taylor Swift's Involvement in Kanye West's Super Bowl Removal

Amidst the glitz and glamour of Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, a curious rumor emerged involving two of music's biggest names: Kanye West and Taylor Swift. Former NFL player Brandon Marshall ignited the controversy on the Paper Route podcast, alleging that Kanye was unceremoniously booted from the stadium at the behest of Swift.

According to Marshall's account, Kanye strategically purchased a ticket in front of what he believed to be Katy Perry's booth, intending to steal the spotlight whenever Perry was on camera. 

Kanye West pulls up to Vegas. Kanye West buys a ticket right in front of Katy Perry’s booth. So anytime they were going to be showing Katy Perry, Kanye face was going to be there. Oh my bad. In front of Taylor Swift’s booth.

- Brandon Marshall

However, Marshall later realized his mistake, acknowledging that it was actually Taylor Swift with whom Kanye had a tumultuous history. Allegedly, Swift was incensed by Kanye's presence and made calls that ultimately led to his expulsion from the stadium.
Taylor Swift gets pissed off. She boom boom makes a call to everybody’s involved. He gets kicked out the stadium... He was trying to leverage her celebrity. Now you gotta go back to the beef. You know, him cutting her off. Beyonce should have won it... But that’s what he tried to do. He tried to sit in front of Taylor Swift.

- Brandon Marshall

Did Taylor Swift Really Get Kanye West Thrown Out of Super Bowl?

While Marshall's claims stirred up chatter, footage emerged contradicting the narrative. Kanye was spotted multiple times inside Allegiant Stadium, even mingling with fellow artists Ty Dolla $ign and Anderson.Paak in a luxury suite. 

Moreover, a video clip showed Kanye enjoying the game in the third quarter, suggesting that if any ejection did occur, it was likely later in the event.

In addition to attending the Super Bowl, Kanye made headlines with a DIY commercial that aired during the game. Despite its low-budget production, the ad showcased Kanye's entrepreneurial spirit as he touted his latest sneaker release. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur proudly shared impressive sales figures, boasting nearly 295,000 orders and a whopping $19 million in revenue.

While the feud between Kanye and Taylor Swift has been a recurring theme in pop culture, the validity of Marshall's claims remains questionable. As the dust settles on yet another Super Bowl spectacle, one thing is certain: Kanye West's presence continues to captivate and intrigue audiences both on and off the field.

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