Travis Scott's LA Mansion Sitting on Massive Hillside Crack | TMZ Video

Travis Scott's Los Angeles Mansion Impacted by Massive Hillside Crack in Brentwood

Travis Scott's Brentwood Mansion Threatened by Hillside Crack After Record Storms Hit Southern California

Following recent storms in Southern California, Travis Scott's lavish L.A. abode in the Brentwood neighborhood has been thrust into the spotlight after a massive crack appeared on the hillside where it sits.

TMZ reports that the record-breaking storms triggered the formation of a significant crack on the rapper's property, raising concerns about the stability of the surrounding area. Although no evacuations have been mandated yet, at least five nearby homes are at risk of sliding off the hillside due to the crack's emergence.

Watch Travis Scott's California mansion Sitting On Massive Hillside Crack:

While the fire department has reassured residents that the cracks are currently limited to the surface level, experts from both the geological field and the L.A. Department of Building and Safety have been summoned to evaluate the situation. Their preliminary assessments suggest that the hillside itself may not collapse entirely, but the safety of the homes remains uncertain, especially with the looming threat of further rainfall predicted for the week.

Travis Scott, who purchased the property in 2020 for a staggering $23.5 million in cash, according to TMZ, faces the potential loss of his luxurious mansion, which boasts an impressive array of amenities. With seven bedrooms, eleven bathrooms spread across three full floors, the residence also features a gym, bar, sauna, 15-seat theater, wine closet, and a sprawling pool, among other extravagant features. Furthermore, the 16,700-square-foot mansion offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline.

As Travis Scott and the residents of the Brentwood neighborhood await further updates on the situation, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of California's geographical landscape and the potential risks associated with hillside properties. Despite the uncertain future of his mansion, Travis Scott's focus may shift to ensuring the safety and well-being of himself, his family, and his neighbors during this challenging time.

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