Danny Brown & N.O.R.E. Discuss Eminem's Beef with MGK & Benzino on Drink Champs: "of course it’s gonna be Em"

Danny Brown Gives His Take on Eminem's Beefs with Benzino & MGK

Danny Brown Talks Eminem Beef on Drink Champs
In the recent episode of Drink Champs, Detroit's very own Danny Brown sat down with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN for a candid conversation that touched on a variety of topics, including his journey to sobriety, his love for Detroit-style pizza, and his perspective on some of hip-hop's most notable beefs.

Among the many discussions, Danny Brown shared his insights into the longstanding beefs involving Eminem, particularly his conflicts with MGK and Benzino. As a proud representative of Detroit, Brown made it clear that he stands firmly behind Eminem in these disputes. He emphasized Eminem's significant influence on the rap game and acknowledged the role he played in paving the way for other white rappers like MGK.

When asked about the ongoing feud between Eminem and MGK, Danny Brown didn't hesitate to voice his support for Slim Shady. He highlighted Eminem's unmatched lyrical prowess and the impact of his contributions to the genre. Brown also pointed out that while some may argue about Eminem's presence in certain hip-hop spaces, his influence remains undeniable, with his music continuing to resonate across various platforms and settings.

C’mon man. Y’all tryna be funny now. I mean, of course it’s gonna be Em. We would not get MGK if it was not for Em. No white boys coming around, you know. We had 3rd Bass, [Beastie Boys, Vanilla Ice]. My favorite white rapper right now is El-P.

- Danny Brown

Danny Brown & N.O.R.E. Discuss Eminem vs MGK & More on Drink Champs:

The conversation further delved into the broader topic of Eminem's status in the rap community. Both N.O.R.E. and Danny Brown expressed their admiration for Eminem's skills as a rapper, emphasizing that his talent transcends racial boundaries. They rejected the notion that Eminem's success is solely attributed to his race, asserting that his abilities as an artist speak for themselves.

Throughout the interview, Danny Brown showcased his unique perspective and deep appreciation for hip-hop culture. He shared personal anecdotes and insights, offering listeners a glimpse into his own experiences and influences within the music industry.

Overall, the episode provided a thought-provoking discussion on Eminem's legacy and impact, highlighting his enduring relevance in the world of rap music. With Danny Brown's candid commentary and N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN's engaging hosting, the Drink Champs episode offered fans an insightful look into the dynamics of hip-hop's most notable figures.

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