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DMX's Son, Exodus, Jumps on "Of Course" TikTok Trend, Highlighting Their Similarities

DMX's Son Exodus Pays Tribute to His Late Father in Heartfelt TikTok Trend
DMX's legacy lives on through his son, Exodus, who recently took to TikTok to pay homage to his late father. Joining the "of course" trend, Exodus made heartfelt references to DMX, showcasing their strong bond and shared traits.

In a series of poignant TikTok videos, Exodus affectionately declared, "I'm DMX's son, of course," before listing various attributes that echo his father's influence. From wearing Timberlands to embodying the spirit of a Ruff Ryder, Exodus honored DMX's legacy with each statement. 

He even touched on personal habits like his love for Now and Laters candy and his faith, illustrating the depth of their connection.

Exodus, DMX's Son, Joins "Of Course" TikTok Trend, Illustrates Father-Son Resemblance:

Exodus's participation in the "of course" trend not only showcases his love for his father but also highlights the impact DMX had on his life. By embracing his father's mannerisms and values, Exodus pays tribute to the rap icon's enduring legacy and the profound influence he continues to have on his family.

This isn't the first time Exodus has garnered attention on social media. Last year, on DMX's birthday, Exodus captivated audiences with a touching piano cover of "X Gon' Give It to Ya" as a heartfelt tribute to his father. The performance went viral, drawing admiration from fans worldwide and serving as a poignant reminder of DMX's enduring presence in the hearts of many.

Exodus's heartfelt tributes to his father offer fans a glimpse into the special bond they shared, showcasing the profound impact DMX had on his family and the broader hip-hop community. As Exodus continues to honor his father's memory through his music and heartfelt gestures, DMX's legacy remains alive and well, inspiring a new generation of artists and fans alike.

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