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Drake’s OVO Label Reportedly Sign EP Deal With 4Batz

Rising Star 4Batz Lands EP Deal with Drake's OVO Sound Label
Emerging artist 4Batz is making waves in the music industry, with recent developments indicating a bright future ahead. Following the release of his hit single "act ii: date @ 8" remix featuring Drake, 4Batz has landed a major deal with Drake's renowned label, OVO Sound, as reported by Billboard

This partnership marks a significant milestone for the rising star, paving the way for exciting collaborations and opportunities in the hip-hop scene.

Drake's OVO Label Secures EP Deal With 4Batz Amidst Bidding War Reports:

According to Billboard's sources, the agreement between 4Batz and OVO is a licensing deal tailored specifically for an EP project. However, the potential for future collaborations and expansions between the artist and the label remains open, hinting at a fruitful partnership ahead. 4Batz's journey to this point has been nothing short of impressive. 
Since the release of "act ii: date @ 8," the artist has garnered attention from multiple record labels eager to sign him. Originally released through Vydia, the track quickly gained traction, catching the eye of influential figures like Drake himself. Drake's decision to hop on a remix of the song further propelled 4Batz into the spotlight, solidifying his position as a rising star in the industry.
As 4Batz embarks on this exciting new chapter with OVO, fans eagerly anticipate the release of his EP and the innovative collaborations that await. The timing of the partnership couldn't be better, as OVO recently announced a collaboration with Todd Moscowitz's Santa Anna Label Group, expanding its reach under the Sony Music umbrella. This strategic alliance promises enhanced distribution and marketing capabilities for OVO releases, including 4Batz's upcoming project.

By staying true to his roots and personal convictions, 4Batz sets himself apart in an industry often marred by superficiality and gimmicks. Through his heartfelt lyrics and genuine expressions, he not only entertains but also forms genuine connections with his audience, fostering a bond that transcends mere fandom.

With his talent, authenticity, and now, the backing of Drake's OVO Sound, 4Batz is poised for success in the hip-hop world. Watch this space as he continues to rise and make his mark on the music industry.

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