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5 Famous Female Artists Eminem Nearly Ruined Their Careers

Eminem's Feuds: Impact on Celebrities' Careers
Eminem, the rap legend renowned for his sharp-tongued lyricism, has a storied history of sparring with fellow artists through his music. These verbal confrontations often have far-reaching consequences, potentially impacting the careers of those targeted and leaving lasting impressions on the music industry landscape. When it comes to Eminem, criticism is not taken lightly. Whether it's a critique of his music or a public statement, the iconic rapper is quick to respond, often wielding his lyrical prowess as a weapon.

Over the years, numerous artists and celebrities have found themselves in Eminem's lyrical crosshairs, immortalized in verses painted in less-than-flattering hues. Let's delve into some of the most notable feuds where Eminem's diss tracks have made waves, potentially altering the trajectories of those involved.

1. Mariah Carey
Notable Track(s): "Superman" (2002), "The Warning" (2009)

During a tumultuous period in Mariah Carey's life, Eminem claimed to have been romantically involved with the singer, a claim she vehemently denied. 

In response, Eminem immortalized their alleged relationship in scathing verses featured in tracks like "Superman," "When The Music Stops," and "Bagpipes From Baghdad." The feud reached its zenith with the release of "The Warning" in 2009, where Eminem revealed intimate details of their interactions.
Wow, Mariah, didn't expect you to go balls out. B*tch shut the fck up before I put all them phone calls out you made to my house when was Wild'n Out before Nick. When you was on my d*ck and give you something to smile about.

- Eminem On " The Warning"


2. Britney Spears
Notable Track(s): "The Real Slim Shady" (2000), "Marshall Mathers" (2000), "Ain't Nuttin' But Music" (2001)

Even the pop royalty, Britney Spears, found herself in Eminem's lyrical firing line. Eminem didn't hold back, lambasting Spears' music as "corny" and questioning her vocal abilities. Despite this, Spears remained an admirer of Eminem, publicly endorsing him during the 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Eminem's lyrics aimed at Spears often ridiculed her musical style and cast doubts on her artistic credibility, underscoring the contentious nature of their relationship.

These f*ckin' brats can't sing and Britney's garbage. What's this bitch retarded? Gimme back my sixteen dollars. All I see is sissies in magazines smiling

- Eminem On " The Real Slim Shady"


Christina Aguilera:
Notable Track: "The Real Slim Shady"

The rivalry between Christina Aguilera and Eminem ignited unexpectedly in 2000 after Aguilera mentioned Eminem's hit song "The Real Slim Shady" during an MTV interview. 

While discussing her favorite music videos, Aguilera casually remarked that she had heard Eminem had married the girl he rapped about killing. Although this statement was based on a true rumor, it didn't sit well with Eminem. 

Feeling betrayed by the public revelation of such personal information, Eminem retaliated with a scathing diss in his lyrics, insinuating rumors about Aguilera's relationships with Fred Durst and Carson Daly.

Sh*t, Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs, so I can sit next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst, and hear ‘em argue over who she gave head to first.

- Eminem On "The Real Slim Shady"


Iggy Azalea:
Notable Track: "Vegas"

In 2014, a rap feud stirred when Rah Digga and Snoop Dogg challenged Australian-born rapper Iggy Azalea's authenticity within the hip-hop genre. Amidst the escalating tensions, rumors swirled about a potential clash between Iggy and Nicki Minaj, adding fuel to the fire.

Eminem, never one to shy away from controversy, waded into the fray with a line in his track "Vegas," featured on his Shady XV album. In this controversial lyric, Eminem made a jest alluding to the idea of assaulting Azalea. 

Iggy, quick to respond, took to Twitter to express her disdain, dismissing Eminem's remarks as the banter of an older generation and highlighting the discomfort her younger brother, an avid Eminem fan, experienced upon hearing such explicit references from his idol.

So swallow my pride, you’re lucky just to follow my ride. If I let you run alongside the Humvee, unless you’re Nicki, grab you by the wrist, let’s ski. So what’s it gon’ be? Put that sh*t away, Iggy, you don’t wanna blow that rape whistle on me

- Eminem On "Vegas"


Nicki Minaj:
Notable Track: "Fast Lane"

In October 2010, Nicki Minaj and Eminem's alter egos joined forces for "Roman's Revenge," a collaboration featured on Minaj's Pink Friday album. Despite Minaj's clarification that the collaboration was with Eminem's alter ego rather than Eminem himself, the track sparked speculation and anticipation among fans.

A year later, Eminem responded with his own track titled "Fast Lane." The anticipation surrounding the collaboration continued to escalate when, during a live show in 2018, Eminem projected Nicki Minaj's name onto the screen, accompanied by the declaration, "let's do it." 

The moment captured attention and fueled speculation about a potential romantic interest between the two rap icons.

In response to Eminem's public declaration, Nicki Minaj shared a clip of the incident on social media, acknowledging the rapper's bold statement. However, Minaj admitted to feeling a mix of fear and apprehension, jesting that she might incorporate the audio into the introduction of her upcoming album, 'Queen.'

It's Nicki Minaj, but I wanna stick my * in your * You morons think that I'm a genius Really

- Eminem On "Fast Lane"


Eminem's legacy as a rap icon is not only defined by his chart-topping hits but also by the fiery feuds and controversial diss tracks that have become synonymous with his name. 

From Mariah Carey to Nicki Minaj, Eminem's lyrical jabs have reverberated throughout the music industry, leaving a lasting impact on those targeted and sparking debates among fans and critics alike.

While some artists, like Britney Spears, have maintained their admiration for Eminem despite being the subject of his criticism, others, such as Iggy Azalea, have found themselves embroiled in heated exchanges, facing backlash and scrutiny from both fans and the media. 

Eminem's ability to stir controversy and captivate audiences with his unfiltered expression underscores his influence as a cultural provocateur.

As Eminem continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression, one thing remains certain: his words carry weight far beyond the confines of the recording studio. Whether it's sparking debates about authenticity in hip-hop or delving into the intricacies of celebrity relationships, Eminem's diss tracks have become an indelible part of the music industry landscape, ensuring that his legacy as a rap maestro will endure for years to come.

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