Ja Rule Recounts Alleged Past Fight with 50 Cent, Claims Victory in Physical Altercation During Piers Morgan Interview

Ja Rule Says He Had a Physical Altercation with 50 Cent and Claims He Won

Ja Rule Addresses Piers Morgan's Questions on 50 Cent Feud, Denies Ongoing Beef, and Wishes Success for Black Artists
For over two decades, the feud between 50 Cent and Ja Rule shows no signs of cooling down. The latest chapter unfolded during Ja Rule's appearance on a recent episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored, where the host probed him about their ongoing spat, particularly a recent incident on Instagram.

During the interview, Morgan didn't hold back, pressing Ja Rule about his responses to 50 Cent's social media posts. Despite attempts to dodge the questions, Ja Rule found himself confronted about the 25-year-long beef with 50 Cent.

However, Ja Rule insisted that he's not the instigator in this feud, portraying himself as the calm party in contrast to 50 Cent's relentless attacks. He emphasized his focus on family and personal integrity, suggesting that his definition of being "stand-up" differs from 50 Cent's.

When asked about a hypothetical physical confrontation with 50 Cent, Ja Rule brushed it off, claiming that such an event had already occurred and advising Morgan to do his research. 

That's already happened too, Piers. You gotta do your research.

- Ja Rule

He maintained that he he holds no grudges against 50 Cent and wishes success for all Black artists.
Good luck to him and everything he's doing. He's another Black man. I wish all of us luck. I'm looking for everybody to win. I don't have competition, Piers. I compete with me. Like I said, there's no message to be sent.

- Ja Rule

Piers Morgan Presses Ja Rule to Discuss Feud with 50 Cent; Ja Rule Asserts He Won in Physical Altercation

Despite Morgan's persistence in probing for drama, Ja Rule remained steadfast in his refusal to engage in further confrontation. He reiterated his desire to focus on his music and tour, expressing his eagerness to connect with fans in the UK.

In the end, Ja Rule's message remained consistent: he's not interested in perpetuating the feud with 50 Cent and prefers to focus on his own endeavors. Despite the interviewer's attempts to stir the pot, Ja Rule stood his ground, choosing to take the high road and maintain his dignity amidst the ongoing drama.

This latest interview sheds light on Ja Rule's perspective on the long-standing feud with 50 Cent and underscores his commitment to rising above the drama in pursuit of his own success and happiness.

Watch the full interview below: 

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