Joe Budden Declares: 'The Girl Rapper Wave is Over,' Thinks Cardi B's New Single Marks the End of the Female Rap Wave

Joe Budden Believes Cardi B's Latest Single Signals The End of the Female Rap Era

Joe Budden's Take on Cardi B's New Single Sparks Debate on the Future of Female Rap
In the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the host delivered a fiery take on Cardi B's latest single, "Like What (Freestyle)." While Budden acknowledged the song's appeal, it was his commentary on the state of female rap that sparked significant social media discussion.

During the podcast, Budden declared: "Y’all ain’t gonna want to hear it from me, but the girl rapper wave is over." He expressed skepticism about the current landscape for female artists in hip-hop, suggesting that the era of discovering and promoting new female talent may be coming to a close.

Budden's assertion that record labels are not seeing a return on their investments in female rappers added fuel to the debate. Although he didn't provide concrete evidence to support this claim, he pointed to the prolonged wait for Cardi B's sophomore album as a potential example.

Joe Budden proclaims "The Girl Rapper Wave is Over"

Despite his critical stance, Budden did acknowledge the merits of Cardi B's freestyle, describing it as "cool." He also highlighted the universal appeal of the beat, suggesting that any artist would sound good over it.

I think the Cardi freestyle is cool, I mean, I’m gonna think it’s cool. Because anybody’s gonna sound good over the ‘She's A B***h’ beat.

- Joe Budden

However, Budden's commentary raises important questions about the industry's treatment of female rap artists. While some have undoubtedly capitalized on their hype, others may have struggled to sustain momentum or secure support from labels.

The discussion sparked by Budden's remarks underscores the ongoing challenges facing female rappers in a male-dominated industry. As the genre continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how artists and industry stakeholders will address these issues and support the next generation of female talent.

While Budden's comments may be controversial, they shed light on important conversations about gender dynamics in hip-hop and the challenges faced by female artists in the industry. As fans and critics continue to debate the state of female rap, it's crucial to uplift and support all artists striving to make their mark in the genre.

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