Tyla Turned Down Kai Cenat During Livestream After Streamer Asks Her Out on a Date: "We're Friends"

Tyla Puts Kai Cenat in The "Friend Zone" After Streamer Asks Her Out On a Date

Livestream Mishap: Tyla Rejects Kai Cenat's Date Proposal

On Sunday, Kai Cenat hosted Tyla on his latest livestream, creating a buzz among their followers. Throughout the session, they engaged in various activities, including dancing, wearing matching shirts, and participating in the What's In The Box challenge.

Amidst the fun, the highlight of the stream occurred during a game of Truth or Dare, cleverly referencing Tyla's single of the same name. As part of a dare, Cenat attempted to ask someone out on a date, leading to an amusing turn of events.
After an unsuccessful attempt over the phone, Cenat turned to Tyla and posed the question, "Would you like to go on a date with me?" However, Tyla's response, "But we're friends, though," left Cenat momentarily caught off guard. Despite his initial composure, a subsequent clip revealed his humorous reaction after Tyla's departure.

Tyla Rejects Kai Cenat's Date Proposal, Promptly "Friend Zones" Him During Livestream:

The interaction provided entertainment for viewers, showcasing the lighthearted dynamic between the two personalities. While the moment may have been awkward, it added a touch of spontaneity to the livestream and left fans eagerly anticipating future collaborations between Kai Cenat and Tyla.

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