Kanye West Responds To Boosie Badazz's Diss, Denies Responsibility for Music

Kanye West Hits Back at Boosie's Criticism Over Music Style Claims

Kanye West vs Boosie Badazz: Clash of Musical Influence
Kanye West's talent for igniting controversy peaked during his latest appearance on Big Boy TV, where he made bold claims about his influence on the music industry over the past two decades. Sitting alongside Ty Dolla Sign, Ye boldly asserted his role in shaping various music styles, including those of notable artists like The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Drake, Future, and Young Thug.

According to Kanye, his groundbreaking work, particularly with the use of auto-tune on his album "808s & Heartbreak," laid the foundation for what he calls the "making your own money genre." He credited himself with pioneering this new wave in music, asserting his impact on the industry.

However, not everyone was quick to agree with Kanye's assertions. Boosie Badazz, taking to Instagram, expressed his disagreement with Kanye's claims. Boosie dismissed Kanye's influence on his own music and the music of others, asserting that Kanye's style does not resonate with everyone, especially those in the streets and projects.

Responding to Boosie's critique, Kanye took to his Instagram Story to address the criticism, specifically mentioning Boosie's hit track "Wipe Me Down" released in 2007. Kanye distanced himself from being responsible for any genre associated with the song, subtly dismissing Boosie's comments.

Kanye West Hits Back at Boosie Badazz's Accusations on Music Invention:

This exchange between Kanye West and Boosie Badazz has sparked further debate among fans and critics alike. While Kanye remains steadfast in his assertions of his musical influence, Boosie's dissenting voice highlights the diversity of perspectives within the hip-hop community.

As the conversation continues to unfold, it raises questions about the nature of artistic influence and the complexities of defining musical genres. Kanye's bold statements may have ignited controversy, but they also prompt reflection on the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop and the role of individual artists within it.

In the dynamic world of rap music, clashes of opinion and artistic expression are inevitable. Kanye West and Boosie Badazz's exchange serves as yet another chapter in the ongoing saga of hip-hop's evolution, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next twist in the tale.

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