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Kanye Reflects on Sharing "Back to Me" with North For Her Opinion

Kanye West Draws Inspiration from Daughter North, Unveils Collaborative Dynamic in Music
In a recent interview with Big Boy TV, Kanye West opened up about the profound influence his daughter, North, has on his music and creative process. Recalling a moment in Italy, Kanye shared how he sought North's opinion on his song "Back to Me." 
I remember sitting with North in Italy and playing her ‘Back to Me,’ and asking her, ‘What do you think about this line in the middle of the song? And I was like, ‘Do you think I should change this?’ And she’s like, ‘You know, it’s a good song.’ Sometimes I feel like my mom speaks through her.

- Ye

Kanye Reflects on Sharing "Back to Me" with North For Her Opinion:

This dynamic between father and daughter serves as a source of mutual inspiration. During a recent Vultures listening party in Phoenix, 10-year-old North surprised attendees by announcing her debut album, "Elementary School Dropout." The title pays homage to her father's iconic debut, "The College Dropout," released in 2004.

North's budding music career is already making waves, with her debut track "Talking" from Vultures 1 reaching an impressive No. 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This achievement solidifies her status as one of the youngest artists to ever grace the charts.

The dynamic duo's collaborative spirit underscores the evolving landscape of hip-hop and family influence within the genre. Kanye's willingness to seek North's input on his music demonstrates a unique bond that transcends generations, while North's own artistic endeavors showcase her early prowess as a rising star in her own right.

As the father-daughter duo continues to inspire each other creatively, their journey promises to shape the future of rap and hip-hop, celebrating the power of family, talent, and collaboration in the music industry.

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