Kanye Says Ice Spice Recorded a Verse For 'New Body' But Her Team Won't Let Him Use It

Kanye West Faces Obstacles in Releasing Ice Spice's "New Body" Verse Due to Her Team's Decision

Kanye West's "New Body" Verse Blocked by Ice Spice's Team
In an Instagram Stories update on Tuesday, Kanye West, commonly referred to as Ye, revealed that Ice Spice's team is preventing the use of her recorded verse for the long-awaited track "New Body." Originally slated to feature Nicki Minaj, the song was initially anticipated for release as part of Ye's Yandhi album back in 2018.

The update shared by Ye expressed frustration, stating:

Ice Spice sent a verse in for 'New Body.' Now her team is saying we can’t use it.

- Ye

Kanye Claims Ice Spice Recorded a Verse for "New Body," But Her Team Is Saying He Can’t Use It:

This declaration follows a series of alleged text screenshots from YesJulz, who recently parted ways with Ye's team. Although fans speculated about the screenshots on social media, Julz clarified that the track was sent to the artists' management teams, not directly by Ye.

YesJulz addressed the situation on Tuesday, urging fans not to escalate it further. However, the controversy surrounding "New Body" has been ongoing since December last year when Nicki Minaj announced that she would not clear her verse for an official release. During an Instagram Live session, Minaj explained that she felt the timing for the song's release had passed, emphasizing that her decision was not meant as disrespect towards Ye.

The ongoing saga surrounding "New Body" underscores the challenges faced by artists in navigating the complexities of collaboration and clearance in the music industry. Fans eagerly await further developments, hoping for a resolution that will finally bring the highly anticipated track to fruition.

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