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Kurupt's Bold Statement: Eminem and Rakim Stand as Equals in Rap Royalty

Kurupt Praises Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Rakim's Influence on Hip-Hop Legacy
Kurupt, a veteran figure in the West Coast rap scene, recently attended the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony honoring Dr. Dre. Speaking to TMZ Hip-Hop, Kurupt shared his thoughts on Dr. Dre's legacy as a producer and Eminem's stature in the rap world, likening him to the legendary Rakim.

At the event celebrating Dr. Dre's star on the Walk of Fame, Kurupt emphasized Dr. Dre's unparalleled influence as a producer in hip-hop, asserting him as the greatest of all time. He also gave props to Eminem, acknowledging him as one of the greatest emcees alongside Rakim.

Dr. Dre is number one, the greatest producer of all time in hip-hop, Eminem is one of the greatest emcees. Where would I rank him? I don’t. There are too many greats. He’s up there with Rakim. No one ranks higher. No one ranks higher than R, but Em is with the R. You know why? Cause they are equal.

- Kurupt

Kurupt's Verdict: Rakim and Eminem Share Title of Greatest MCs

Kurupt's remarks underscore the profound impact both Rakim and Eminem have had on the rap genre. Eminem himself has praised Rakim as one of the greatest of all time, recognizing Rakim's innovative rhyme patterns as a source of inspiration for his own lyrical prowess.
In fact, Kurupt holds a special place in Eminem's list of influences, as evidenced by Eminem's verse on "Till I Collapse" from The Eminem Show album. In the song, Eminem pays homage to several iconic rappers, including Kurupt, highlighting Kurupt's role in shaping his own journey in the rap game.

Overall, Kurupt's insights shed light on the enduring legacy of Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Rakim in hip-hop history. Their contributions continue to inspire and shape the evolution of the genre, leaving an indelible mark on both fans and fellow artists alike.

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