Metro Boomin Sets the Record Straight on Drake and Future Alleged Beef Over a Girl: "Stop Making Stuff Up For Engagement"

Metro Boomin Squashes Rumors About Future & Drake Beef

Metro Boomin Addresses Rumors of Future and Drake Beef Over a Girl
Metro Boomin recently addressed speculations circulating on social media regarding the relationship between Future and Drake. The rumors suggested that the two hip-hop heavyweights were feuding over a girl, sparked by a tweet linking a woman's Instagram profile to the alleged dispute.

In response to the tweet, Metro Boomin urged fans to refrain from spreading baseless rumors for engagement and encouraged them to focus on enjoying the music instead. The producer's straightforward dismissal aimed to quash any unfounded gossip surrounding Future and Drake's supposed rift.

Yall n****s stop making stuff up for engagement and enjoy the music.

- Metro Boomin

Metro Boomin Denies Drake and Future Beef Over a Girl Rumor:

The speculation of a feud between the two artists emerged following the release of their collaborative album, "We Don't Trust You." Kendrick Lamar's verse on the track "Like This" heightened tensions as he took direct shots at Drake and J. Cole, leading fans to speculate about Future's stance on the matter.

However, dissecting Future's lyrics from the album's intro provided a different perspective. While some interpreted the lines as subtle digs at Drake, others argued that they could be interpreted in various ways and were not necessarily indicative of a beef between the artists.

Future's lyrics included references to mistrust, insinuating that he doesn't need fake friends and emphasizing his loyalty to those he trusts. Despite the ambiguous nature of the lyrics, they fueled further speculation among fans about the dynamics between Future and Drake.

Ultimately, Metro Boomin's intervention sought to dispel any unfounded rumors and refocus attention on the music itself. The producer's message emphasized the importance of enjoying the creative output of artists without getting caught up in speculative drama.

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