North West Unveils Debut Album 'Elementary School Dropout' During Surprise Performance with Chicago & Psalm at Vultures Listening Party

North West Announces Debut Album 'Elementary School Dropout' at 'Vultures 2' Listening Party Last Night

North West Unveils Debut Album 'Elementary School Drop Out' at Vultures Listening Party

At the latest Vultures listening party, North West, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, stunned attendees by announcing her debut album.

The ten-year-old, who made her musical debut on the Vultures 1 track "Talking," graced the Vultures listening party at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday, March 10. Kanye halted the event to allow North to take the stage and make her announcement. 

Hi, it's Northie, and I've been working on an album for a long time, And it's called Elementary School Drop Out.

- North West

North West Announces Debut Album, 'Elementary School Dropout' at Ye’s ‘Vultures’ Event:

Accompanied by her younger siblings Chicago and Psalm, North delivered an endearing performance of her Vultures song, showcasing her budding talent and confidence on stage. 

Kanye West surprises crowd with Chicago & Psalm appearance as North performs and announces her debut album:

The album's title pays homage to her father's iconic debut album, The College Dropout. While the release date for North's album remains uncertain, given Kanye's busy schedule with the Vultures project alongside Ty Dolla Sign, she has already made a remarkable entry into the music industry. 

Her debut track "Talking" debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 last month, making her one of the youngest acts ever to chart, reaching an impressive peak at No. 30.

As for the highly anticipated Vultures 2, which faced delays similar to its predecessor, Kanye hinted that he and Ty are still fine-tuning the project in the studio.

Furthermore, Kanye disclosed that Vultures 2 would not be available on mainstream streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Instead, he plans to sell the album exclusively on, citing concerns about the devaluation of music on streaming platforms. In a recent conversation with a fan page, Kanye emphasized the potential impact of selling albums directly to his massive Instagram following, highlighting the power of artist-owned distribution channels.

North's announcement has sparked excitement among fans, eager to witness her musical journey unfold and anticipating the unique release strategy for Vultures 2.

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