Offset Sets Record Straight About His Relationship with Quavo, Says He Doesn't Have to Prove Love For Quavo: "We Real Brothers"

Offset Responds to Relationship Speculation with Quavo, Claims He Doesn't Owe It to Anyone to Prove His Love Toward Quavo 

Offset Opens Up About Relationship with Quavo on "Million Dollaz Worth of Game" Podcast
Offset, one-third of the iconic rap trio Migos, recently made an appearance on Gillie Da King and Wallo’s "Million Dollaz Worth of Game" podcast, where he addressed various topics, including his relationship with fellow Migos member Quavo. Amid ongoing speculation about their bond, Offset made it clear that he doesn't feel obligated to showcase their friendship to the public.

In the candid interview, Offset expressed his belief that it's not their responsibility to prove their affection for each other to outsiders. He emphasized that they've been through challenging times together, including label conflicts and the tragic loss of their fellow Migos member, Takeoff. Offset asserted that despite these difficulties, their bond remains strong, and they don't need to flaunt it for public validation.

I don’t feel like I owe it to people to show how much me and bro love each other, I don't feel like it's our job to show y'all. We went through something. We don’t have to show you n**gas smiles and faces... so stop doing that. N**gas ain't hatin' on each other. N**gas congratulating n**gas when we drop a song. We ain't on no sucker s**t with each other. We both came in this s**t together and we both knew that, we understood that and we lost our brother.


Addressing the scrutiny surrounding their relationship, Offset urged people to refrain from trying to pit them against each other. He emphasized that they have a genuine camaraderie based on mutual respect and support. Offset highlighted that they frequently discuss music and collaborate on projects, showcasing their brotherly bond behind the scenes.
We [don't] hate on each other. We talk about music [and] songs. 'Boy, this s**t hard.' We talk, you know what I mean? It ain't for us to be doing that s**t, like, for the pictures and s**t. I still go through s**t, I know bro go through s**t... N**gas love each other though, at the end of the day. We men, we real brothers and we gotta space out and we cool with it, so be cool with it. Don’t ever try and turn us against each other and s**t like that. I hate that s**t. At the end of the day, it ain’t your business.


Offset Addresses Speculation on Relationship with Quavo:

Offset's remarks shed light on the complexities of maintaining friendships in the public eye, especially within the competitive realm of hip-hop. Despite the pressures and expectations, Offset emphasized the authenticity of their relationship and urged fans to respect their privacy.

In addition to discussing his relationship with Quavo, Offset reflected on his recent musical endeavors. He released his sophomore album, "SET IT OFF," in October 2023, featuring collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Cardi B, Future, and Travis Scott. The album received widespread acclaim for its diverse range of tracks and impressive guest appearances.

Meanwhile, Quavo also made waves with his solo project, "Rocket Power," which dropped months prior to Offset's album release. The project showcased Quavo's versatility as an artist and featured posthumous contributions from their late bandmate, Takeoff.

Overall, Offset's interview offers insight into the dynamics of friendship and collaboration within the hip-hop industry. His candid remarks serve as a reminder of the importance of authenticity and loyalty in navigating the complexities of fame and success.

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