OVO Chubbs Addresses Rumors of Kendrick Lamar's Alleged Drake Diss Track: "He won't He knows better"

Chubbs from OVO Breaks Silence on Reports of Kendrick Lamar's Potential Diss Track Aimed at Drake

Kendrick Lamar Sparks Rumors of Drake Diss Track, OVO Chubbs Responds: "Little Boy Should Drop But Knows Better"
Rumors are swirling in the world of hip-hop as speculations arise that Kendrick Lamar might have a diss track aimed at Drake ready to drop. The buzz started when Adin Ross, a 23-year-old livestreamer, claimed in a recent broadcast that Kendrick has a full-fledged diss track prepared for Drizzy.

According to Ross, he encountered someone closely connected to the Kendrick/Drake situation, who disclosed that Kendrick has the diss track locked and loaded. In response, Ross urged Kendrick to release the track, expressing his excitement as a fan of hip-hop. He encouraged Kendrick to "let it fly," indicating the anticipation among listeners to hear the potential diss.
Kendrick, I'm a fan of hip-hop and if you're gonna diss Drake, drop that shit is all I'm gonna say, bro. Yeah man, I mean, let it fly. ... We all wanna listen to that.

- Adin Ross

OVO Chubbs, a member of Drake's camp, chimed in on the discussion by reposting Ross's comments on his Instagram Stories. Chubbs urged Kendrick to release the track, referring to him as a "little boy" and insinuating that he should face Drake's response. However, Chubbs also remarked that Kendrick "knows better," hinting at potential repercussions of such a move.
Tell that little boy to drop!!! But he won't He knows better.

- Chubbs

Drake's Associate Chubbs Reacts to Speculation About Kendrick Lamar's Diss Track:

The origins of Ross's insider information remain unclear, adding to the intrigue surrounding the rumor. Kendrick Lamar is known for his discretion and close-knit circle, suggesting that if there is truth to the rumor, he may have been preparing for a potential clash with Drake for some time.

The tension between Kendrick and Drake escalated following Kendrick's verse on "Like That," a track from Future and Metro Boomin’s album We Don’t Trust You. In his verse, Kendrick challenged the notion of a "big three" in rap, asserting his individual dominance in the genre.

While J. Cole, the third member of the supposed "big three," has remained silent, Drake has subtly addressed the situation on social media. In an Instagram post, Drake cryptically remarked, "They rather go to war with me than admit they are their own worst enemy," alongside a series of photos.

As fans eagerly await further developments, the potential clash between Kendrick Lamar and Drake continues to fuel speculation and anticipation within the hip-hop community.

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