Benzino Challenges 50 Cent to Fight, Cites Weakness in Taking Punches, Discusses 50 Cent and Diddy Beef Origins

Benzino Reveals Origins of 50 Cent and Diddy Beef, Calls Cent "Salty," Claims He Can Beat 50 Cent in Boxing Match

Benzino Claims He Could Beat 50 Cent in Boxing Match, Challenges Eminem and Joe Budden to Fight
Benzino, known for his bold statements, has thrown another curveball into the mix by claiming he could defeat 50 Cent in a boxing match.

During a recent appearance on the We In Miami podcast, the outspoken Hip Hop figure was questioned about his potential in the ring against the larger 50 Cent.
Being big don’t mean nothing in boxing, history has shown us that, 50’s been shot in the face before so that counts. He had to get reconstructive surgery; he’s not gonna be able to take any old punch in his face.

- Benzino

Confident in his abilities, Benzino expressed his readiness to take on 50 Cent with a few months of training.
If we were to box in a boxing match and I were to train for a couple months, hell yeah I could box 50. I’m gonna pick me every time.

- Benzino

Benzino Talks Tough, Claims Superiority Over 50 Cent in Physical Confrontation:

As of now, 50 Cent has remained silent on Benzino's challenge. This isn't the first time Benzino has stirred the pot with his fighting talk. He recently made headlines by challenging long-time adversaries Eminem and Joe Budden to boxing matches.

During the podcast, Benzino delved into the feud between 50 Cent and Diddy, offering insights into their intense rivalry.

He suggested that 50 Cent's hostility towards Diddy might be rooted in personal issues, particularly Diddy's involvement with 50 Cent's ex-girlfriend Daphne.

Benzino empathized with 50 Cent, acknowledging the pain of seeing an ex-partner move on publicly and quickly. He described the situation as potentially leaving someone feeling "salty."

If me and my girl break up and then two months later, he’s banging out my girl… I still might have feelings for my girl. A lot of guys are going to try to play like they don’t, but you’re going to be a little salty.

- Benzino

Benzino's bold statements have certainly stirred the pot in the world of Hip Hop, leaving fans curious about the potential matchups and outcomes. Whether these challenges will materialize into actual fights remains to be seen, but Benzino's confidence is undeniable.

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