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Central Cee Reveals J. Cole Texts, Expresses Gratitude for 'Might Delete Later' Collaboration

Central Cee and J. Cole's Collaboration Shines on "Might Delete Later" Album
Central Cee and J. Cole have teamed up for a stellar collaboration featured on Cole's latest album, "Might Delete Later." The track, "H.Y.B.," was born out of a casual exchange of text messages between the two artists.

In a screenshot shared by Central Cee, J. Cole can be seen sending him the mp3 file of the track, accompanied by a message encouraging Cee to jump on it if he feels inspired. Excited by the opportunity, Central Cee expresses his enthusiasm and gratitude, stating that he is already inspired and ready to contribute to the track.

The collaboration between Central Cee and J. Cole garnered attention from fans, with Central Cee expressing his gratitude to Cole with a simple "thank you" and a goat emoji. Shortly after, he shared a screenshot of the track itself, indicating his excitement and satisfaction with the final product.

Central Cee Expresses Gratitude to J. Cole for "Might Delete Later" Collaboration:

While "H.Y.B." stood out as a highlight on the album, J. Cole's response to Kendrick Lamar's recent diss verse on Future and Metro Boomin's "Like That" also made waves. On the track "7 Minute Drill," Cole delivers potent bars aimed at his rival, addressing the alleged beef with raw intensity.
In the opening verse of "7 Minute Drill," Cole critiques Lamar's discography, stating that while his early work was acclaimed, his recent output has been lackluster. He also dismisses the authenticity of rap beef, drawing from his own experiences to highlight the harsh realities of the streets.

Overall, Central Cee's collaboration with J. Cole adds another layer of depth to "Might Delete Later," showcasing the versatility and talent of both artists. As fans continue to dissect the album and its standout tracks, it's clear that Central Cee and J. Cole have delivered a collaboration worthy of recognition in the hip-hop community.

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