Doja Cat Slams Parents Bringing Children to Her Shows: " I don't make music for children"

Doja Cat Expresses Frustration Over Parents Bringing Children to Her Shows

Doja Cat Urges Parents to Keep Kids Away from Concerts
Doja Cat has found herself in a bit of a dilemma lately, as parents seem to be bringing their kids to her shows despite her music not being exactly kid-friendly. 

Hits like "Kiss Me More" and "I Like You" may sound upbeat, but the lyrics can be quite explicit upon closer inspection. This has prompted Doja to take to Twitter to address the issue directly.

In a tweet, she expressed her frustration, urging people to leave their children at home when attending her concerts. 
Idk what the f*ck you think this is but i don't make music for children so leave your kids at home motherf*cker.

- Doja Cat

Doja Cat Issues Warning Against Bringing Kids to Her Concerts:

The tweet has garnered over 50k likes, indicating that many of her fans agree with her sentiment. Fans chimed in, expressing disbelief that parents would subject their children to Doja's adult-themed content.

Fresh off headlining Coachella for two consecutive weekends, Doja Cat showcased a career-spanning setlist, featuring some of her biggest hits. 

Collaborations with artists like A$AP Rocky, 21 Savage, and Teezo Touchdown added extra flair to her performances. She even treated fans to live renditions of tracks from the deluxe edition of her successful album "Scarlet," including hits like "Paint The Town Red" and "Agora Hills."

However, Doja's relationship with her fans hasn't always been smooth sailing. Last year, she faced backlash after publicly feuding with her own fanbase, known as Kittenz. 

This led to a significant drop in her Instagram followers, as she declared war on those who considered themselves her biggest supporters.

Overall, it's clear that Doja Cat's music is intended for a mature audience, and she's not afraid to speak out against parents who bring their children to her shows. 

As she continues to navigate the complexities of fame and fan interactions, one thing remains certain: Doja Cat is unapologetically herself, both on and off the stage.

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